Is Your Multivitamin Enough To Keep You Healthy?

Lots of people are aware of the need to take a multivitamin. It helps ensure they fill the nutritional gaps in their diet, especially with the modern fast-paced and hectic lifestyle so many of us live.

Apart from their one-a-day convenience, multivitamins are designed to be easily absorbed by the body, ensuring optimum nourishment for a healthier you. Supplements also offer a pure and standardised source of nutrients that may be compromised or lost when we cook our food.

But is your multivitamin really giving you everything you need? Here are a few supplements from our Customer Favourites range that you can add on to complement your daily regime.


1. Nutrilite DOUBLE X

Firstly, if your current multivitamin is missing anything then this will change that! A comprehensive supplement containing 12 essential vitamins, 9 minerals, and 17 phytonutrients, this well-loved formula gives you broader antioxidant protection and multiple health benefits. The best of nature and science, its ingredients are derived from fruits and vegetables grown on our own certified-organic farms.


2. Nutrilite Bio C Plus All Day Formula

Fresh acerola cherries from our certified-organic farms were harvested at their peak to give you the best quality and concentrated Vitamin C. Along with the goodness of oranges, lemons and grapefruits, the formula’s slow release allows your body to steadily absorb nutrients throughout the day, rather than taking them in one big hit which can lead to wastage.


3. Nutrilite Salmon Omega Complex

Made from salmon raised in Norway’s pure cold waters, our Omega complex is blended with oils from other carefully selected fish, chosen for their high concentrations of EPA and DHA fatty acids providing a great supplement for overall health and wellbeing.


4. Nutrilite Cal Mag D Plus

Essential for strong and healthy bones, both our calcium and magnesium are derived from organic seaweed harvested from the Icelandic fjord sea floor. Added Vitamin D encourages optimum absorption for greater calcium uptake and better results. Bonus: Magnesium also helps you sleep better – yay!


5. Nutrilite Mixed Probiotic with Chicory Root Extract

Featuring an exclusive blend of five probiotic strains as well as added fibre, each serving contains 6.3 billion beneficial bacteria that are built to survive the journey to your gut, where they build colonies to boost its health. Stick-To-The-Gut technology ensures optimum absorption in the gut to ensure good immunity.

If you’re missing something, we’ve got you covered!