Staying Happy, Healthy and Hydrated

staying hydrated

Cheers to staying hydrated and healthy

What is one of the simplest ways to defend against illness? Drink water. It is really that easy. Water makes up more than half of your body weight – and without the right amount, your body can’t work its best.

Good hydration supports the body’s immune system (our best defence against illness), helps skin health, and keeps our mind sharp and our days productive. Whether you are having a ‘glass half empty’ or a ‘glass half full’ kind of day, raise your glass and try these tips to stay hydrated and healthy either way!

Meet your daily water quota

Meet your daily water quota

Drink up throughout the day to help your body flush out the toxins that can build up and poorly impact your immune system. You should aim for at least eight 8-ounce glasses per day (roughly 1.8L in total) to help move toxins along and rehydrate the body.

But don’t stop there. It’s also a good idea to up your water intake with exercise, in hot or humid weather or if you’re fighting sickness. We recommend grabbing your go-to container and making a water bottle your mandatory accessory to sip throughout the day.

Beating obesity

Pay attention to your thirst

Dehydration happens. Whether you forget to drink water, chose too many sugary drinks, or are fighting sickness, even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired. Staying hydrated with water helps improve symptoms, like dry mouth, headache and dizziness, and even speeds along recovery. 

If you want to add something extra to your water, try adding Nutrilite PhytoPOWDER Beverage Crystals. The refreshing flavours, added electrolytes, and supplementary vitamins and minerals make it easy to reach your daily water quota.

Brave the Heat with a Bottle of True Water

Keep your water clean

Not all water is created equal. Even municipal water can pick up contaminants between the treatment plant and your faucet.  Make sure the water you drink or cook with is as safe as it can be. We recommend an eSpring™ Water Treatment System for your peace of mind. 

The eSpring™ unit effectively removes more than 140 potential health related contaminants and uses UV light to effectively destroy 99.99% of waterborne viruses and bacteria. We can all raise a glass to that!

Pack skin with hydration

Skin is the largest organ in the body, and just like all our other organs, it needs enough water to function its best. Without water, skin looks dry, tight, and flaky from dehydration. In addition to drinking an adequate amount, consider the right skincare for deep, long-lasting skin hydration, like the latest ARTISTRY SKIN NUTRITION Hydrating Solution products. 

The perfect time to pack skin with hydration is actually right before bed, as skin cells renew 2-3x faster at night than they do during the day. Apply the ARTISTRY Hydrating Gel Cream to keep your skin moisturised as you doze and pair it with Hydrating Day Lotion SPF 30 to combat UV rays in the daytime.


Wash, dry, hydrate, repeat

Constant hand washing can wreak havoc on skin, leaving it dry, irritated and cracked. A treatment mask on the hands is a great way to instantly rehydrate skin to feel moisturized, healthier, smoother and suppler. Create your own custom hand treatment with ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Masks. We recommend first using the Polishing Mask to gently buff away flaky, dead, dry skin.

Then, nourish skin with the Hydrating Mask, which seals in moisture, soothes and helps shield skin from environmental aggressors. While you’re at it, give distressed locks a drink too with Satinique™ Revitalizing Mask to strengthen, hydrate and repair damaged hair to its natural healthy-looking beauty. Self–care has never been more essential!

When it comes to your body, water is essential to get the job done. So, keep your immunity up by staying hydrated, inside and out, for a healthy body that not only feels great, but looks it too.