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Why Keeping Your Face Mask Clean is Important

germs affecting reusable face masks

Adjusting to the New Normal

With the current pandemic, it is no surprise that wearing a face mask when outdoors has become just as necessary, and fashionable, as a smartphone in our daily lives. In the new normal of current times, this lifesaving accessory is a crucial part of blocking the spread of disease.

While some people choose to wear disposable masks, most of us have opted for the more wallet-friendly alternative of wearing reusable masks. Not only are reusable masks more economically viable but they are made from breathable fabric and are more comfortable on the skin.

However, they do come with one drawback — reusable masks need to be washed frequently.

Why do you need to wash your reusable mask?

Reusable face masks trap germs and bacteria from the outside air and prevents them from entering our respiratory system. If the mask itself is contaminated, it could be a potential breeding ground for germs. Though some new reusable face masks boast features like ‘antibacterial’ fabric, it is still highly recommended that you wash them as you would any other piece of clothing that you use regularly.

Since the mask touches your nose and mouth, the viral particles and germs may find their way into your system. Or it could end up on the surfaces in your home, making it a carrier for the same germs we are trying to avoid.

Therefore, it is most ideal for you to own two masks so that you can wash your reusable masks daily.

But here’s the catch — how often do you actually remember to wash your masks?

It is a good hygiene practice to wash your face mask regularly for the same reason we regularly wash our clothes and hands. It keeps viruses and germs at bay!

If you can’t wash your mask every day, try to do so every two days at least. That way you’ll have time to wash and dry one mask while using the other.

Another strong reason to deodorize your face mask is for social reasons. The strong smells of your nasi lemak lunch may linger on the fabric of the mask. Those odours may make you, and others around you, feel uncomfortable. So, regularly washing reusable masks in the machine sanitises and deodorises them.

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