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(For Upline ABO) APC Renewal Promotion

Valid from 20 JAN 2022 - 30 APR 2022

Promotion Period: 20 Jan to 30 Apr 2022

In our effort to support our ABOs in retaining their Amway Privileged Customers (APCs), Amway brings you the APC Renewal Promotion, in conjunction with the first anniversary of the APC programme.


All APCs who registered in 2021 are eligible for this promotion.


Buy any Coreline product (Nutrilite, XS, ARTISTRY, G&H, Satinique, Home Care or Home Tech) online or at any Amway Shop during the promotion period and volume down to your APC (PWP) for them to enjoy free renewal on their APC membership.

Promotion Criteria

1.  The promotion is applicable to volume down from upline (direct sponsor) to all APCs who registered in 2021.

2.  Upline ABO can only volume down this promotion to their APCs who have provided renewal consent.


    Note: For upline volume down order/s in cases where downlines have not provided renewal consent, the following error message will show:

    “You are not allowed to volume down this PWP to your APC. This is due to your APC having not provided their consent for renewal on behalf. Kindly get your APC to turn on the consent in order for you to volume down this PWP.”

    How to determine your downline APC’s renewal consent status: My Account > Renewal > Group Renewal > Search APC number.

    APC Renewal Promotion (Upline ABO) Consent Status.jpg

    Consent Status

    • Pending Consent: Downline has not provided renewal consent. Click on “Notify Now” to send renewal consent via email.
    • Consent Given: Downline has provided renewal consent.

    3. Upline ABOs cannot volume down this promotion to APCs who have purchased this promotion on their own.

    Terms and conditions
    • All Malaysia & Brunei APCs who signed up from Jan – Dec 2021 are eligible for this promotion.
    • This promotion is only applicable for early and on time renewal, and is not applicable for late renewal APCs. We strongly encourage APCs to take advantage of this PWP for the early and on time renewal of their membership.
    • Whether the promotion was purchased online or at shop, please take note that the change in the APC’s membership renewal period will not be immediately reflected in the Renewal page. An APC’s membership will only be auto-renewed (and the status of their membership renewal updated) during the grace renewal period (1 month before the APC’s membership expiry month). For example, if an APC’s membership expires in July 2022, the status of the APC membership will be updated in June 2022.
    • If you have any queries on this promotion, please send your enquiries to myhelpdesk@amway.com with the following subject: APC Renewal Promotion Enquiries


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