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Dermasonic Ultimate Eye 270 Purchase With Purchase

Valid from 02 NOV 2020 - 30 NOV 2020


Specially designed for use on sensitive skin around the eyes. Makes skin around the eyes healthier with a triple skincare system:

Micro galvanic*
– can be comfortably used on skin around the eyes with mild direct microcurrents of ions and helps absorb active ingredients from eye cream better

*Mild microcurrents present than in the main body of Dermasonic

– helps absorb viscous eye cream better by creating a thermal effect on skin around the eyes

Micro motor vibration
– takes care of complex concerns about skin around the eyes by healthily stimulating skin with vibration created by the micro motor**

**When paired with a recommended ARTISTRY skincare product


Get the ARTISTRY Dermasonic Ultimate Eye 270 (293843) at RM200/B$70 (worth RM290/B$100) when you buy the ARTISTRY Dermasonic (267886).

Note: Dermasonic Ultimate Eye 270 cannot be used alone and needs to be installed into the main body of the ARTISTRY Dermasonic.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Valid from 2 – 30 Nov 2020
  • Available in Malaysia and Brunei only, while stocks last
  • Open to Platinums & Above from 2 Nov (10am onwards), limited to 6ea per ABOship per day.
  • Open to all ABOs from 3 Nov (10am onwards), limited to 2ea per ABOship per day.


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