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Noxxa Pressure Cooker Purchase with Purchase Promo

Valid from 01 OCT 2021 - 31 OCT 2021

Get the Nutrilite Kids 4-in-1 Plus for RM15 / B$5.20 when you buy the Noxxa Electric Multifunction Pressure Cooker.

PWP Nutrilite Kids 4-in-1 Plus when you buy Noxxa Pressure Cooker_3.jpg

The Nutrilite Kids 4-in-1 Plus:

  • Contains 30mg Vitamin C, 1mcg Vitamin D3, 2.6mg Zinc, 1 Billion CFU/G Probiotic (Bifidobacterium animalis lactis HN019)
  • Fast-melt powder form
  • Convenient stick packs
  • Vegetarian-friendly, gluten & dairy-free
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Has a fun activity on the packaging for kids
  • Notes: PV/BV not given and product expires in March 2022.

Terms and conditions
  • This promotion is valid in Malaysia and Brunei, while stocks last on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Open to Platinums & Above: 1 Oct (10am onwards) - 2 Oct 2021, limited to 6ea per ABOship per day.
  • Open to all ABOs and APCs from 3 Oct (10am onwards) – 31 Oct 2021. Limited to 3ea per APCship per day.

To buy, visit www.amway.my


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