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Nutrilite 7 Days HEBAT Mama Pack & PWPs

Valid from 02 NOV 2020 - 31 DEC 2020



The 7 Days HEBAT Mama pack is targeted towards the women who takes care of her family because we want them to take care of themselves too.

It consists of:


- 7x Mixed Fiber Powder sticks

- 7x Mixed Probiotic with Chicory Root Extract sticks

- 7x BodyKey Meal Replacement pouches

  • 3x Chocolate
  • 2x Vanilla
  • 2x Café Au Lait

Open to all ABOs: from 3 Nov (10am onwards) – 31 Dec 2020, WHILE STOCKS LAST. From 3 - 17 Nov (till 10pm) 2020, limited to 3ea per ABOship per day. During the blackout period from 17 Nov 2020 (10pm) till 9.59am on 23 Nov 2020, ABOs will not be able to place orders whether online or at shops.

Enjoy 5% SAVINGS


Buy the 7 Days HEBAT Mama pack and enjoy 5% savings (for each product) when you PWP the Nutrilite Bio C Plus All Day Formula (60tabs) AND the Nutrilite Cal Mag D Plus (180tabs). This limited-edition promo is open for all ABOs from 3 Nov (10am onwards) - 17 Nov 2020 (till 10pm). Limited to 3ea per SKU per ABOship per day.


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