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Nutrilite Overall Promo

Valid from 01 SEP 2021 - 30 SEP 2021

Nutrilite products & enjoy discounts up to 5% e.jpg

Buy selected Nutrilite products & enjoy discounts:

Option 1: 3% OFF

AP RM350 / B$120 & above* (RP RM437.50/B$150)

Option 2: 5% OFF

AP RM500 / B$171 & above* (RP RM625/B$213.80)

Note: Excludes Bio C Twin Pack, Cal Mag D Twin Pack, BK Jump Start Kit, Post Natal Care Set, BK Meal Replacement Shakes (all flavours), Kids BB Fruits & Vegetables, Iron Folic, Cal Mag D Plus, Daily (60tab), BK Organic Chia Seed, TH Bee Pollen, TH Formulation for Men / Women, TH Baby Oil, ALP subscriptions, BSM and sales aids which are non-PV/BV. The Nutrilite Health Bundles promotions (309114 / 309115) in are also excluded.

*PV remain, AP/BV/RP will be discounted accordingly.

Promotion 1 Nutrilite Protein Bundles.jpg

Remark: Protein Bundle (Promotion 1) is also a qualifying SKU for this promotion (Promotion 2) if it meets or exceeds either RM350/B$120 or RM500/B$171. However, the 3% or 5% discount is only applicable on the protein SKUs and not on the Nutrilite Kids Botanical Beverage Fruits & Vegetables. 

Terms and conditions:

  • This purchase with purchase (PWP) is available in Malaysia and Brunei, while stocks last. Open to Platinums & Above from 1-2 Sep 2021 (10am onwards). Open to all ABOs and APCs from 3 – 30 Sep 2021 (10am onwards). Only 3ea per APCship per day.
  • For new ABOs/APCs who sign up in Sep 2021 from the New ABO/APC Experience Programme, the 2nd & 3rd eCoupons do not apply for this promo.

To buy, visit www.amway.my

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