Nutrilite Seize The Day Kit PWP

Valid from 01 SEP 2022 - 30 SEP 2022

BUY Nutrilite Seize The Day Kit (313620) at RM622.00 – RM632.00/B$237.00 – B$241.00

PWP Nutrilite Phytocolour 2L Water Bottle (313622) at RM25.00/B$8.60 (worth RM50.00/B$17.00)

Nutrilite Seize The Day Kit:

Living unhealthy and hectic lifestyles can result in a lack of key nutrients in our bodies, which can lead to age-related conditions. Get the necessary supplementation with the Nutrilite Seize The Day Kit. Better still, the Improved Formula DOUBLE X in this kit also helps neutralise excess free radicals proactively and reactively.

  • 1x Improved Formula Nutrilite DOUBLE X (Tray / Refill)
  • 1x Nutrilite Cal Mag D Plus (180 tab)
  • 1x Nutrilite Bio C Plus All Day Formula (120 tab)
  • 1x Nutrilite Salmon Omega Complex (120 sg)
  • 1x Nutrilite Natural B Complex (250 tab)

Nutrilite Phytocolour 2L Water Bottle:

  • Eye-catching ombre colour and frosted design
  • Impact resistant
  • Material: High-grade BPA-free, and eco-friendly Tritan
  • Total capacity: 2L

Terms & Conditions

  • Available in Malaysia and Brunei, while stocks last.
  • Open to Platinums & Above: 1 Sep (10am onwards) - 2 Sep 2022, limited to 6ea per ABOship per day.
  • Open to all ABOs & APCs: 3 Sep 2022 (10am onwards) – 30 Sep 2022. Limited to 3ea per APCship per day.
  • Nutrilite Seize The Day Kit is excluded from PROMO: Nutrilite Stackable Mug Set PWP

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Disclaimer: Nutrilite products are not intended to treat or diagnose medical conditions. You are advised to read all product ingredients and consult your physician or health care professional before using any of the Nutrilite products.