PWP ARTISTRY Crystal Pen with SanDisk USB Flash Drive (64GB)

Valid from 01 MAR 2022 - 31 MAR 2022

Get an ARTISTRY Crystal Pen with SanDisk USB Flash Drive (64GB) (309202) at RM29/B$10 (worth RM150/B$51) when you buy any ARTISTRY products* worth a minimum of AP RM450/B$166 or RP RM563/B$208.

ARTISTRY Crystal Pen with 64GB SanDisk USB Flash Drive

ARTISTRY Crystal Pen with SanDisk USB Flash Drive (64GB) product specs:

  • Premium quality ballpoint pen with a metallic and crystal finish and ARTISTRY engraving for a feminine and chic impression.
  • Large 64GB storage to save e-brochures, videos, and other digital files when you’re on the go.
  • Set includes a custom-made stylish faux leather pen pouch embossed with ARTISTRY and 2x ink refills (black colour).
  • Comes in a custom ARTISTRY box with a message from ARTISTRY founder Edith Rehnborg.

ARTISTRY Stylish Faux Leather Pouch & Customised Box

How to Replace The ARTISTRY Crystal Pen Ink Refill

Terms and conditions:

  • *Excluding bundle sets, devices and accessories without PV & BV.
  • Available in Malaysia & Brunei, while stocks last.
  • Open to Platinums & Above: 1 Mar (10am onwards) – 2 Mar 2022. Limited to 6ea per ABOship per day.
  • Open to ABOs & APCs: 3 Mar (10 am onwards) – 31 Mar 2022. Limited to 3ea per APCship per day.
  • SanDisk USB Flash Drive (64GB):
    Due to differences in the numbering systems, actual user storage reported by the user's computer system or device may not match fully with the advertised capacity. Actual storage capacity is estimated at approximately 58.5GB.

To buy, visit www.amway.my


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