Upgraded BodyKey Jump Start Kit PWP

01 MAR 2023 - 31 MAR 2023

Buy the Upgraded BodyKey Jump Start Kit (313880)

From 15 Mar 2023 onwards - Level up your Gut Reset journey with this special offer!

PWP 2X Health Screening Passes* at RM100 (worth RM300)

*Available in Malaysia only.

*BodyKey Jump Start Kits purchased before 15 Mar 2023 are not eligible for the PWP Health Screening Pass.

PWP Nutrilite Portable Blender (314622) at RM24.90/B$8.00 (worth RM160/B$50)

Nutrilite Portable Blender product specifications and features:

  • Limited-edition trendy Mint colour!
  • Durable with proven drop-test & IPX5 Water Resistant (subject to use)

PWP InBody Dial (292828) at RM600.00/B$194.50 (worth RM1,500/B$521)

Terms & Conditions

  • Available in Malaysia & Brunei, while stocks last. Should the PWP premium stock deplete prior to the stated promo period, the promo may NLA.
  • Open to Platinums & Above: 1 Mar (10am onwards) – 2 Mar 2023, limited to 6ea per ABOship per day.
  • Open to all ABOs & APCs from 3 Mar (10am onwards) – 31 Mar 2023. Limited to 3ea per APCship per day.
  • Additional info for the Nutrilite Portable Blender:
    • BackOrder (BO) available upon premium depletion, however, the premium stock will only be replenished after 2 months.
    • The blinking blue light indicates that the blender lid is closed tightly and the magnetic safety system is functioning so it is ready for use.
    • Do not allow the blender base to come into contact with water. Cover the base while washing.
    • Blender must be recharged every 3 months for longer-lasting performance.
    • This blender can crush ice however for longer-lasting performance, it is not advised to blend hard ingredients such as nut and seeds.
    • If you experience issues with the blender within the first 3 months from the date of purchase, please contact portableblender@dse.com.my for assistance.
  • Health Screening Passes (HSP) PWP

    • Available in Malaysia only. Open to all ABOs & APCs: 15 Mar 2023 (10am onwards). Passes are strictly non-transferable. The name on the pass will be automatically generated based on the name of the ABO/APC account holder who purchased the pass.
    • Jump Start Kit PWP 2x Health Screening Passes (HSP2 & HSP2)
    • Valid for Jump Start Kits purchased from 15 Mar 2023 onwards only. If you have purchased a Jump Start Kit prior to 15 Mar, you must purchase another Jump Start Kit to be eligible for this PWP promo.
    • Each set of 2x Health Screening Passes (HSP1 & HSP2) is valid for 1 pax only. Husband & wife ABOship must purchase 2x Jump Start Kits to receive a total of 4x Health Screening Passes (2x HSP1 & 2x HSP2)
    • For Health Screening Pass T&C, click here.
    • For Health Screening Pass FAQ, click here.


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