5 Surprising Causes of Body Odour

Living in a hot tropical climate, it is natural for the body to produce sweat which can lead to body odour, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. But did you know that body odour can also be caused by other factors besides warm weather and exercise? Here are 5 that you may not have guessed:

Causes of Body Odour Overweight

Being overweight

The bigger you are, the more body mass you have to move, hence your body will generate more heat. Because of this, your body will also need to produce more sweat in order to cool it back down.

Hormonal changes

Sometimes the thyroid can produce too much hormones. This is called hyperthyroidism, which can raise the body’s metabolism and heart rate, resulting in excessive sweat and body odour. Menopause is also a common cause of increased sweating. Changing levels of estrogen and progesterone affect your body’s ability to control temperature, leading to hot flashes and more sweat.

Causes of Body Odour Medicine

Medical conditions

Diabetes, kidney disease and liver disease are just some of the medical conditions that can worsen body odour. Diabetic nerve damage, for instance, can lead to excessive sweating when the nerves that help to control sweat are also damaged.


Certain types of medicine such as insulin and antidepressants can also cause you to sweat more as a side effect. Check with your doctor if you suspect this may be the case.

Causes of Body Odour Stress

Stress and anxiety

Surprise! Sweat is the body’s natural way of relaxing you. The nerves in your sweat glands are sensitive to your emotions, so when you are stressed and your body temperature rises, your body produces both sweat and also endorphins to help you feel better. That’s why you feel great after hitting the gym!

How to reduce body odour easily

Body odour may be unavoidable but it can be easily managed. Keep your skin clean and dry (always shower when you need to and towel dry) and use a good deodorant and anti-perspirant.

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