Have You Checked Your Engine Oil? And Don’t Forget 4 More Crucial Steps

Service your car regularly

1. Check the engine oil level

You can check the engine oil levels by using the dipstick under the hood of your car. Today, cars also have a sign on the dashboard that lights up when it is time to refill the engine oil. Even if the sign doesn’t appear, check your engine oil level periodically as having enough oil is essential for your car to run properly.

2. Check the other fluids - coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid

Cars require these other fluids to run smoothly and you can check them manually. Be sure to top them up if they are low. If you are unsure of how to check the fluid level, you can check your owner’s manual.

3. Check the air filter

If the air filters are clogged, the engine has to work harder to circulate the air which reduces fuel efficiency and the life of the engine. You can easily change the air filter yourself with instructions on how to do it provided in your owner’s manual. If there’s something else wrong with it, it is best to have it professionally checked.

4. How’s your tyre pressure and treads?

Well maintained tires are important to keep your drives safe and fuel efficient. A monthly check of tyre pressure and one before long road trips is recommended. You should also check the tyre treads to make sure that they aren’t worn out.

Service your cars regularly with ELF Engine Oil

5. Change your engine oil and filter

It is recommended that you change both the oil and oil filter every 6 months or after 10,000 km. This involves completely draining out the old engine oil and replacing it with new engine oil. It is a slightly complex procedure, so ask your mechanic to do this for you.

Engine oil performs multiple essential functions. It lubricates the moving parts, prevents corrosion in the engine, keeps it cool and reduces wear and damage. So, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is always topped up with a quality engine oil.

If you are not sure which type of engine oil to choose for your your vehicle, peek at our guide to ELF engine oils below:

ELF Synthetic Pro Engine Oil 5W40 (4L): Suitable for cold weather, this engine oil has outstanding cold fluidity and allows for better fuel consumption.

ELF Molygraphite Engine Oil 10W30 (4L): Specially formulated for small engines, this engine oil gives your engine a boost while still allowing reducing fuel consumption.

ELF Molygraphite Engine Oil 15W40 (4L/5L): Suitable for a wide range of petrol fuelled vehicles, this engine oil contains solid lubricants of graphite and molybdenum disulphide for a cleaner, longer lasting engine which performs better.

ELF Super Sporti ADV Engine Oil 15W50 (4L): Designed for high performance, this mineral engine oil offers additional protection against harmful stop and go driving.

ELF Max Booster (250ml): Helps restore the engine’s power performance and aids in maintaining cleanliness of the fuel system, fuel injectors and protects against corrosion and rust formation.

ELF Moto 4 Power (1L): Not leaving motorcycle owners out, this engine oil is specifically designed for 4-stroke motorcycles. Keep your engines in optimal condition with this super multigrade (20W40) lubricant.