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Philips All-In-One 8500 Series: Versatile & Convenient Ironing Solution


With the number of clothes the average person wears every single day, ironing becomes a daily chore which consumes one’s precious time. That said, ironing one’s clothing remains a necessity as part of our personal grooming to look good and professional. It is also a reflection of our personal branding when we don perfectly ironed clothes.

Thankfully, modern technology has reimagined the cumbersome process of ironing to deliver new solutions with greater versatility, performance and convenience.

One such advancement is the all-in-one ironing solution. Fast gaining traction, the revolutionary combination of ironing and steaming offers several advantages, such as:


The all-in-one ironing solution comes with Dual Heating technology. It provides powerful penetrating steam with better performance to help users save time and effort.


Different fabrics require different treatments. With OptimalTEMP technology, there will be no burns, guaranteed on all ironable fabrics.


Users may prefer the convenience of having one device that can handle both ironing and steaming tasks, especially if they have limited time for household chores.


For those with limited storage space, an all-in-one solution reduces clutter compared to having separate iron and steamer units.


Purchasing a single device that performs multiple functions can be more cost-effective than buying separate ironing and steaming tools.

In short, an all-in-one ironing solution that combines ironing and steaming appeals to those looking for efficiency, versatility, convenience and space-saving options.


Say hello to the Philips All-In-One 8500 Series

Truly a game changer, the Philips All-In-One 8500 Series makes it easy for you to look your best always. At the touch of a button, you get a powerful combination of steaming and ironing that will effortlessly decrease and freshen your garments – and more!

There are so many reasons to love the Philips All-In-One 8500 Series:

Multi-angle board for flexible ironing

Ergonomic for comfortable use, the integrated multi-angle board can be tapered and pivots to any position. Iron difficult fabrics horizontally or use a gentler touch vertically on delicate garments.

OptimalTEMP technology for ironing with peace of mind

Want to iron clothes with no burns or worries? The OptimalTEMP technology guarantees no burns on any ironable fabric, so you can iron garments from jeans to silk, without worrying about burns.

Detachable base for all your steaming needs throughout the home

Portable and convenient, the detachable base allows you to steam your upholstery and curtains or sterilise your sofa and beds – all you have to do is disconnect and transport as needed.

Dual Heating Technology for powerful crease removal

The remarkable Dual Heating Technology enables powerful steam penetration to effeciently remove creases with better performance than a regular steam iron, so your garments always look their best.

Kills 99.9% bacteria for added sanitisation

The steam from the Philips All-In-One 8500 Series removes odours to keep garments fresh and helps prolong the lifespan of your clothes by preventing fabric deterioration.

Powerful steam boost of 90g/min continuous steam

Get ready for excellent crease removal with 3 steam settings for different ironing needs. Make no mistake, this is a versatile ironing solution and a must-have wardrobe companion.

Ergonomic iron and head for easy handling

Ironing for long periods of time can take its toll on your hand muscles. Fret not – at half the weight of a regular steam iron, the ergonomic iron and head ensures you can decrease clothes in comfort.

Flip hook for extra convenience

If you dislike hanging clothes everywhere, you’ll love how the top hook on the board conveniently supports hangers when ironing garments vertically. It also folds away easily when not in use.

No descaling needed for clean ironing

Tired of constantly descaling your iron? We hear you! Thanks to the unique design of the dual engines, you can enjoy long-lasting ironing and steaming performance without pesky descaling.

Integrated wheels for smooth transporting

Sleek and discreet, the integrated wheels conveniently enable you to transport the device with ease and speed from one room to another, wherever you need it.

Other welcome features include a fast heat-up of only 90 seconds, auto shut-off for safety as well as multi-position docking with left, right and top docking. With so much to love, ironing just doesn’t get any easier than this.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!