How To Pick The Best Lipstick Colour For You

Get ready to confidently choose the perfect lipstick color that will make you look absolutely fabulous! We're about to embark on a flirty and fun journey of finding the shade that suits your skin tone, undertone, and jewellery preferences. Let's dive in!

Step 1: Determine your skin tone

Think of it as light, light/medium, medium, medium/deep, deep, or very deep. For example, light skin tone is like milk, light/medium is similar to sweet cream, medium-toned skin is like weak tea, medium/deep is like milk chocolate, deep is like strong tea, and very deep is similar to espresso or 80% dark chocolate.

Step 2: Consider your undertone using your jewellery

It can be cool, warm, or neutral. If you wear white/silver metals, you likely have a cool undertone. If you wear mostly gold, it's probably a warm undertone. Wearing both silver and gold together indicates a neutral undertone, allowing you to look great in both cool and warm tones.

Unlock your go-to ARTISTRY GO VIBRANT Lipstick colour match!

Alright, now it's time to match your skin tone and undertone with the fabulous ARTISTRY GO VIBRANT Lipstick Collection with the help of ARTISTRY Creative Director of Makeup Design Rick DiCecca. Get ready to pucker up and discover your perfect shades!

For fair or light skin with warm undertones

Try warm pinks, coral, peach or nude beiges with a peachy undertone colours.

From the ARTISTRY GO VIBRANT Collection, try:

For fair or light skin with cool undertones

Choose pinky nudes, light roses and light mauves.

From the ARTISTRY GO VIBRANT Collection, try:

For medium skin with warm undertones

Try deep peach and coral colours.

From the ARTISTRY GO VIBRANT Collection, try:

For medium skin with cool undertones

Opt for shades of rose, mauve, berry or cranberry look best.

From the ARTISTRY GO VIBRANT Collection, try:

For dark skin with warm undertones

Check out the deep, warm browns.

From the ARTISTRY GO VIBRANT Collection, try:

For dark skin with cool undertones

Look for shades of ruby, wine and deep, cool plums.

From the ARTISTRY GO VIBRANT Collection, try:

Or you could go nude… with a nude lip that is!

When you're rocking killer eye makeup or your outfit is on fire, a natural nude lip is the perfect choice. Here’s a quick guide to ARTISTRY GO VIBRANT colours that look natural, polished, and sophisticated on different skin tones

  • For lighter skin tones: Choose a colour that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone and choose warm or cool colours based on your undertone.
    • Prefer gold jewellery? Try the warm shade of #209 Love Note Nude.
    • Is silver more your style? Go for the cooler #208 Lazy Day Latte or #201 Lunch Date Pink.
  • Medium skin tones: If you have a medium skin tone with warm undertones, choose a caramel colour, such as #108 Text Me Terracotta. For cool undertones, try a dark rose shade like #203 Recharge Rose.
  • Deep skin tones: For people with deeper skin tones and a cool undertone, look for a deep berry colour such as #104 Berry Special Evening. Those with warmer undertones can try #111 Go-Go Cocoa.

Let’s GO VIBRANT! Let’s feel the CONFIDENCE!

While we've given you some fabulous colour suggestions from the GO VIBRANT collection, don't let that limit your creativity!

Here's the deal: every shade in this collection is designed to be universal – this means that it looks amazing on any skin tone. Remember, the best lipstick colour for you is the one you wear with absolute confidence!

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