Make Every XSperience XStraordinary

You feel your heart pounding in your chest, the sweat is dripping from your brow. The sound of your own heartbeat throbs in your ears, reminding you that you’re alive and in the moment.

You flex your calf muscles, ready to spring into action and glance over at your opponent, who’s meeting your gaze with a fire in his eyes. Do you fake left or right? The dull roar of the crowd in the background only serves to hype you up even more as you face off against each other, a battle of both wills and physical prowess about to unfold.

You shimmy to the right and try a quick dribble to the left, but he mirrors your movement and once more it’s a stand-off, as the crowd gasps in anticipation. The tension is thick in the air as the universe seems to fade into the background, and your nerves seem raw.

It’s time. With a sudden burst of speed, you blaze past your opponent, opening up an opportunity to score. Fuelled by pure adrenaline, the ball feels like an extension of your arm, as you swing it up and release, watching it sail in a smooth arc on its journey into the basket.

Spectators rise to their feet cheering fanatically, as the referee calls for a time-out, and you’re mobbed by your team-mates. Breathing heavily, your body cries out for attention, so you reach into your trusty cooler bag and pull out an ice-cold can of XS Energy Drink.

XS Energy Drinks Citrus Blast Cranberry-Grape Mango Pineapple Guava

A quick twist of the tab releases an intense explosion of flavour infused with a powerful punch of energy; you let the glorious liquid trickle down your throat. The sugar-free and fruity essence is at once both cold and refreshing, quenching your thirst like divine nectar. An XSperience this great needs be shared.


“Throw me one too”, a voice rings out from the crowd. Even just watching the game can be quite a thrill, you think to yourself, as your eyes roam over to the mass of spectators, shouting themselves hoarse with glee.

They’ve been right there with you from the start, urging you on, their excitement building to a fever pitch, with each skilled play and move. They deserve to feel what you’re feeling right now too, so you grab another cold can of XS Energy Drink and send it flying over as you crack a little smile to yourself.

With one last gulp, you send the last of the XS Energy Drink down your throat, the deliciously cooling elixir charging you up from within, as you feel your body surging with energy from the B vitamins.

You’re ready to take on the challenge of the court once more. Every sense is heightened in anticipation. This is what it feels like to grab life by both hands, to truly live.

To XScite. To XSperience. To be XStraordinary.