Trending Makeup Looks with ARTISTRY

Make It Kawaii

Tokyo is the forefront of beauty innovation and we’ve captured its essence in our ARTISTRY STUDIO collection. The Tokyo Edition embraces eye-catching colours and irresistibly kawaii designs that let you feel part of Tokyo’s bustling districts and vibrant occupants. Try out these trending looks and you’ll fit right into the crowd!

Kawaii Mascara Tokyo Edition

Baby Doll Lashes

Rock the baby doll look with lush lashes, thanks to the Oh-So-Colorful Mascara. Make a statement in bold blue or keep it subtle with rich brown.

Kawaii Blusher Tokyo Edition

Rosy Glow

Round out your look with the Oh-So-Cheeky Blusher. Brilliant shades of Coral or Poppy will give you a sweet and natural finish.

Kawaii Fragrance Mist Tokyo Edition

Uplifting Scents

Complete your Tokyo experience with a delightful spritz of the Fragrance Mist which is inspired by Japanese gardens. Choose between Sweet Sakura or Refreshing Yuzu, both are infused with spring water, lotus water and green tea extract.

Kawaii Face Compact Tokyo Edition

Mochi Skin

The Japanese love a flawless complexion that’s supple as a mochi. Enhance the beauty of your skin with the Correct & Perfect Face Compact.

Kawaii Eye Lip Tokyo Edition

Monochromatic Makeup

This edgy look is all the rage in Tokyo. Choose one colour (try pink, red or brown) and use it on your eyes, lips and cheeks. The Eye & Lip Beauty Box comes with 10 eye-catching shades suitable for any skin tone.