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ARTISTRY LABS Retexturizing System For Smoother Skin


Ageing gracefully is a cherished goal, but rough and dry skin isn't part of the plan. That's why we're thrilled to have the ARTISTRY LABS Retexturizing System, an aesthetician-inspired targeted treatment that prevents and rapidly reduces the appearance of signs of ageing – providing 12 weeks of results in just 4 weeks!

Created in collaboration with dermatologists and skincare professionals, the ARTISTRY LABS Retexturizing System is made up of the Retexturizing Peel and Retexturizing Serum. It harnesses cutting-edge technology to deliver aesthetician-level results right in your own home.

In just four weeks, you'll witness a remarkable transformation in your skin's texture as skin feels softer, smoother and oh-so luscious!


Renewed Skin Starts with The ARTISTRY LABS Retexturizing Peel

Bid farewell to the accumulated dirt, impurities, and lifeless skin cells that naturally cling to your skin. The Retexturizing Peel is your secret weapon, featuring a highly concentrated Triple Exfoliating Complex powered by chemical and enzymatic exfoliators.

This lightweight gel is made with Mushroom Enzymes, which gently dissolve the bonds between dead skin cells and your healthy skin. Pomegranate Enzymes accelerate the shedding of the outer layer of dead cells, while Mandelic Acid optimises your skin's pH for optimal effectiveness.

It also includes NutriCert-certified Pomegranate extract and Opuntia Ficus (cactus fruit) extract to soothe and calm skin.


ARTISTRY LABS Retexturizing Serum

With impurities banished, it's time to lavish your skin with the Retexturizing Serum. Lightweight yet potent, this serum addresses multiple aspects of your skin's appearance with 4 advanced complexes:

  • Pore Refining Complex: Minimises the appearance of pore
  • Soothing Complex: Calms your skin to unveil a smooth, supple, and youthful complexion
  • Barrier Enforcing Complex: fortifies and preserves your skin's moisture barrier
  • Cell Turnover Complex: stimulates natural cell renewal through gentle exfoliation

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Discover more about the ARTISTRY LABS Retexturizing System today!