Usher in the Mid-Autumn Festival with Protein-Infused Mooncakes

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time to light beautiful lanterns, enjoy the beauty of the full moon with your loved ones and of course — give and receive delectable mooncakes! 


So, what makes the traditional mooncake so irresistibly yummy? Apart from the buttery pastry that crumbles in your mouth, it is, as they say, what’s inside that really counts. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite mooncake fillings: 

White lotus seed

Known as bai lian rong, this silky smooth paste is made of lotus seeds with the bitter green centre removed. While lotus seeds are a highly prized commodity, it is a popular flavour readily available in bakeries and is also used in other Chinese pastries or steamed buns. 

Mung bean

Also commonly found in ang ku kueh, mung beans are synonymous with sweetness. Its delicate flavour goes well with both the traditional baked Cantonese mooncake crust and the contemporary pillow-soft snow skin of the Hong Kong origin. 

Red bean

Also found in ice cream, soups, bread and cakes, red bean paste comes from adzuki beans or anko. Its texture may vary, but generally the smoother the consistency, the harder it is to make. 

Salted egg yolk

Typically cured in the shell for at least a month (two is better) to produce that rich umami flavour, salted egg yolk is a must for many mooncake lovers. Although chicken eggs can be used, the more luxurious duck eggs are much preferred. 

Green tea

In Japan and across Southeast Asia, it is pretty common to find mooncakes either encased in green tea pastry (be it baked dough or chilled snow skin) or filled with a refreshing blend of mung bean and matcha or green tea powder. 

Ready to indulge in these classic flavours and more?

Celebrate with your nearest and dearest by feasting on our beautiful Celebration Mooncakes! 


Celebration Mooncakes – White Lotus Pack 

A modern taste to a classic recipe, our White Lotus Pack offers the traditional taste of succulent mooncakes with fewer calories thanks to its low-sugar recipe. 


The White Lotus Pack includes 4 Cantonese-skin mooncakes filled with delicious white lotus paste and melon kernel seeds for added crunch. Infused with Nutrilite Soy Protein, these scrumptious mooncakes are also vegetarian-friendly, which makes them an ideal gift. 


Celebration Mooncakes – Four Prosperity Pack 

Looking for something a little more contemporary and trendy in this year’s mooncake selection? Go for the Four Prosperity Pack! It comes with four unique flavours: 

Espresso Chocolate Delight

(infused with Nutrilite Soy Protein Chocolate)

Pandan Mixed Berries Delight

(infused with Nutrilite Soy Protein Mixed Berries)

Green Tea Delight

(infused with Nutrilite Soy Protein Green Tea)

Taro Delight

(infused with Nutrilite Soy Protein)

Wait, did we say “protein”? 

Yes, for the first time ever, each of these delightful mooncakes are infused with 1g of Nutrilite Soy Protein. Consisting of a unique tri-blend of wheat, soy and pea, its various flavours blend seamlessly with the flavours of our mooncakes. Think of it as a yummy, healthy boost in your traditional treat. 


How awesome is that? Don’t miss out on these limited-edition Celebration Mooncakes as well as our exciting promotion!