Usher the Mid-Autumn Festival with Celebration Mooncakes

Mooncakes, colourful lanterns, and family gatherings - when all three of these are seen together, that’s when you know that the Mid-Autumn Festival is here.

Traditionally a festival to celebrate the culmination of the autumn harvest, the day is also considered to be an auspicious date for romance as many couples get engaged or married during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Celebration Mooncakes 2

The Love Story Behind the Mid-Autumn Festival

The festival’s romance stems from the heartbreaking love story of Chang’e and her husband Houyi. According to the legend, Houyi was an excellent huntsman and for his skills, he was gifted an elixir of immortality. One day, while Houyi was out hunting, Chang’e was attacked in their home.

In desperation, to ensure the elixir didn’t fall into the wrong hands, she drank the elixir and ended up floating to the moon. There she became the Moon Goddess of Immortality. Heartbroken back on land, Houyi served up sweet cakes and fruits in memory of his wife’s sacrifice. That’s why you find the mooncakes are shaped round like a full moon, in homage to the Moon Goddess Chang’e.

Mooncakes, Happiness and Family

Other than as an offering to worship the Moon Goddess, mooncakes are also shared and gifted to family members to symbolise family reunions. On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone enjoys mooncakes to celebrate family ties and togetherness in the family.

However, while this year’s celebration might be a little different, there’s no reason not to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival by enjoying and gifting scrumptious mooncakes.

Celebration Mooncakes-Four Happiness Variety Pack

NEW Four Happiness Variety Pack - Traditional with A Healthier Twist

Offering both traditional and contemporary flavours, happiness is indeed found in this set of four yummy mooncakes. Bite into decadent mooncakes that are less sweet and vegetarian-friendly options for a healthier dessert.

Each gift box contains:

  • One (1) Pandan Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake: Silky pandan lotus paste meets the savoury decadence of a single egg yolk in this reduced sweetness option.
  • One (1) White Lotus Single Yolk: A favourite among traditionalists, this recipe has been tweaked with reduced sugar so that each decadent bite doesn’t come with a price.
  • One (1) Red Bean Delight: Another favourite during the Mid-Autumn Festival, this red bean mooncake comes with a crunchy surprise of melon seeds. Plus, it’s made with reduced sweetness and is vegetarian-friendly too!
  • One (1) Espresso Delight: A twist on traditional mooncakes, this yummy treat includes a creamy espresso chocolate biscuit filling with crunchy melon seeds. Vegetarian-friendly.

Celebration Mooncakes Four Delights Variety Pack

Four Delights Variety Pack - Your Perfect Mooncake Gift Box

Gifting mooncakes is a traditional gesture that signifies togetherness. So, even if you can’t meet up with family members, show them you care with this gift box of four mooncakes:

Each gift box contains:

  • One (1) Shanghai White Lotus Single Yolk: Bite into a crusty biscuit pastry before discovering a smooth white lotus paste and savoury yolk.
  • One (1) White Lotus Single Yolk: A favourite among traditionalists, this recipe has been tweaked with reduced sweetness so that each decadent bite doesn’t come with a price.
  • One (1) Taro Delight: Nutty and yummy, this mooncake wakes up your taste buds with a taro filling.
  • One (1) Green Tea Delight: Green tea lovers, this is for you. Enjoy the green tea infused pastry and green tea lotus paste coupled with yummy mung beans and red beans.

Celebration Mooncakes Individual Pack

Individual Pack - Mooncakes for One Too!

If you’re away from home but still want to join in thenMid-Autumn Festival celebrations, you can still indulge in a vegetarian-friendly and less sweet White Lotus Paste mooncake for a joyous and healthy indulgence. The pack contains four (4) White Lotus Paste mooncakes.

Spread some love and care during this festival by gifting and enjoying these Celebration Mooncakes today !