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Diamond Mike Kwan

Diamond Mike Kwan

Petaling Jaya | Annie Yean & Macx Lim


The Choice You Make Is More Important Than Effort Alone

Before joining Amway, I was a hawker selling wonton noodles. At the peak of my business, I ran three stalls and earned a considerable income. However, the hectic lifestyle took a toll on my health. That’s when I started to look for other opportunities.

I was introduced to Amway by sheer chance. My sponsor’s remark that we should have the luxury of waking up on our own everyday caught my attention. I was also attracted to the freedom of time and financial independence that Amway can offer.


I spent 3 years and 8 months building my business part-time before becoming a fulltime ABO. Now, I no longer need to wake up to an alarm clock. I have also realised my goal of being financially independent. Besides owning my dream house and cars, I also live a lifestyle full of wonderful experiences.

In Amway, it is about one life influencing another. I have made my dreams come true in the process. Without my sponsor’s vision, I wouldn’t have achieved all that I have today. As the saying goes, the choice you make is more important than the effort you put in.


Hence, you have to know precisely what you desire before you start doing something. If you invest time and effort, you’ll see the results eventually. My focus now is to help my team members achieve their goals, while committing myself to aim for a higher pin level – Founders Council in the next 5 years.

Running an Amway business is not difficult. Most of the challenges one faces when building an Amway business are related to personal issues which can be resolved. Hence, learning and having problem-solving skills is the key to success. For those who seek a breakthrough, the secret is to keep learning and repeat the fundamental steps. The setback and challenges you face will make you stronger.

A beautiful fountain is created when high-pressure water gushes out of a pipe. With consistent effort, even water can cut through a rock. Without any pressure or motivation, one’s life is like a pool of still water and your potential will not be fully tapped. Put some pressure on yourself and you’ll find that you can be better than you ever imagined.