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Diamond Sopiah Md Ariff & Mohd Zaini Md Zain

Diamond Sopiah Md Ariff & Mohd Zaini Md Zain

Jitra | Marsamiza Omar & Hazlin Mos

Our Actions Determine Our Level Of Success

I am a fulltime housewife, while my husband is a civil servant. We got involved with Amway by chance back in 2012. We signed up as ABOs merely because we were interested in buying the products at ABO price. Some time later, we were introduced to the Amway Sales & Marketing Plan by our uplines.

In the beginning, we started sharing about the benefits of Amway products with our friends and neighbours with the aim of getting a RM500 ‘cashback’ every month. It was not as easy as it seemed initially as many of them declined to support us. However, we did not give up. We continued to learn and join the various programmes

and seminars that were organised by Amway. The knowledge that we gained has certainly helped our business grow and prosper continuously.

After we qualified as Platinum in 2016, we enjoyed many rewards and bonuses. With the bonuses that we received, we were able to buy our second house, a 2.2-hectare plot of agricultural land and settled our personal loans amounting to RM100,000. On top of that, we were also able to donate generously to charity as we’ve always wanted.

In 2017, we qualified for our first Amway Leadership Seminar (ALS) in Hawaii. This trip boosted our enthusiasm and willpower to work even harder, and increased the confidence we have in the future and growth of our Amway business. As a result, we made it to the 2018 ALS Hokkaido, 2019 ALS Dubai, 2020 ALS Sydney and 2021 ALS Alaskan Cruise.

Amway’s commitment, “Helping people live better lives”, is one we too hold dearly in our hearts. We are able to help our siblings and downlines earn a good income through their Amway businesses. To date, we have helped and guided 11 of our ABOs achieve Platinum, and five of them subsequently qualified for the 2021 ALS Alaskan Cruise. The latter are our family members. For us, Amway is a dynamic family business that keeps us together.

Truth be told, our level of success depends on our level of knowledge. To be successful, we must allocate time to learn from successful leaders. Be confident and believe in the process that you need to go through. Ultimately, our actions determine our level of success. Organise and plan the strategy that needs to be carried out and act on it tirelessly. Immerse yourself in a positive environment and success will certainly be ours.

We truly cherish the fact that the income from Amway can be inherited. For all that, we will continue to help as many ABOs as we can to earn an unlimited income and, at the same time, we will work hard to build our second generation. It is our hope and dream to be able to leave a great legacy in the Amway business for our next generation.

"See You At The Top!"