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Emerald Lim Yong Kong & Joeann Chan

Emerald Lim Yong Kong & Joeann Chan

Masai |  Lim Leong Chuan & Lio Wuh Tai

Both Joeann and I come from ordinary families. Although we were not born rich, we knew that the only way to live a better life is to start our own business. Hence, I would like to thank Lio Wuh Tai for introducing me to Amway when I was 18, and Double Diamond Wong Chong Seng & Mah Lai Chan for their mentorship and encouragement. They gave us the confidence and guidance that we needed to build our own Amway business.

It has by no means been an unusual year for us. With the havoc wrecked by the pandemic, many people have come to realise the need to have passive income. While many conventional businesses suffered a devastating blow, our Amway business achieved continuous growth and we were able to help others live better lives at the same time. We’re now even more certain than ever that no matter what challenges lie ahead of us, the income from Amway will be the answer to our future.

We would also like to thank Amway’s staff for their ongoing support and dedication, which enabled us to continuously embrace self-development under the new normal. Together, let’s strive for a better future.