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Executive Diamond & Founders Executive Diamond Steven Lee & Elyn Wong

With Every Family You Help, Success Will Follow 

Born to an impoverished family in Ipoh, my parents were hawkers who believed that the only way for an inadequately educated child to survive in this society is to master a skill.

So I started working for my aunt who owned a minimarket. That’s where my uncle taught me how to run a business to earn a living. Growing up in that environment, I realised that we can only get ahead in life if we have our own business.

After various failed attempts to start one on my own, I learnt from my past mistakes and discovered that the main reasons for my failures were that I lacked a scalable system, a cohesive team and a solid partnership with a financially sound company. When my upline Diamond first introduced me to Amway, I was thoroughly convinced that the business he was running was exactly the kind of business model I had in mind.

Elyn was born to a well off family in Johor Bahru. We met at a café where we used to be co-workers, after which she became my wife. After 5 years, I quit my job to start our own businesses. Our human resource firm and dream café did fairly well and we managed to earn substantial profits. Nevertheless, we felt insecure as we realised that, just like any conventional business, we would end up with zero income should our businesses cease to operate. 

At that point, we decided to grow our passive income, so we went all out to grow our Amway business. In August 2019, we qualified as Founders Platinum. In August the following year, we completed the mission set by our organisation by qualifying as Diamonds. In August 2021, we became Founders Diamond. We clinched the Executive Diamond and Founders Executive Diamond pins in August 2022.

Looking back, we feel blessed because our Amway business has helped us overcome the financial impact brought about by the pandemic in the past 3 years. We have truly experienced the Amway Founders’ Fundamentals of ‘Family, Freedom, Hope & Reward’, and we’re embarking on a journey to live an even more wonderful life.

Success is not just about the money you make, it’s also about how many families who are able to live better and healthier lives because of you.See you at the top!