Founders Emerald Anuar Ismail & Yasmin Othman

Founders Emerald Anuar Ismail & Yasmin Othman

Bemban |  Wong Toon Hung & Jennifer

Alhamdulillah, we now enjoy financial and time freedom with our family. We achieved Platinum in 2016, Ruby in 2017, Founders Platinum in 2018, and Sapphire, Founders Sapphire, Emerald and Founders Emerald in 2021. We have been invited to the Amway Leadership Seminar in Langkawi in 2016, Hawaii 2017, 2018 ALS Hokkaido, 2019 ALS Dubai, 2020 ALS Sydney and 2021 ALS Alaska. Finally, we would like to thank the company and its staff, as well as our sponsor, downlines, friends, leaders and mentors who have helped and motivated us throughout our Amway journey. 

I am a civil engineer and my wife was a draughtswoman who became a fulltime housewife in 2002. I was tired of working and wanted to retire early. However, our personal savings and the money in our EPF accounts were not enough. We needed a ‘Plan B’.

After realising that we were still earning Amway bonuses even after being inactive for 12 years, we decided to restart our Amway business seriously in mid-2015. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, income from my job was affected but our Amway income kept growing. Without looking back, we continue to persist and persevere in our Amway business.