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Founders Emerald Lim Joo Wah & Ang Geek Kah

Founders Emerald Chang Shing Yau & Lai Soo Guan

Banting | Tan Han Seng

I graduated from the United Kingdom and started my career as a sales executive in a renowned advertising company. When I realised that I had no control over my future, I quitmy job and started my own business. My wife, who’san Australian graduate, began her career at a bank in Australia. She joined a local asset management company before venturing into her own business.

Despite having our own conventional businesses, wecame to realisethat Amway is the only businessopportunity that can provide us with financial security and time freedom, both of which we value the most. Together with our team, we have overcome many challenges to learn, grow, change and achieve in this wonderful business. 

We are truly grateful to achieve the Founders Emerald pin during the pandemic and will strive to help more people live better lives. We are thankful to every leader who has mentored and moulded us to become who we are today. For those who are in doubt, remember this, If you don’t build your own dreams, you will end up building someone else’s. All of your dreams can come true if only you have the courage to pursue it with the right opportunity!