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A Must-Have Drink For Women’s Wellness

Women truly are amazing. Strong and determined, they constantly give their all in everything they do despite facing many hurdles. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges faced by women at various stages in their lives:


Teenage Years

Hello, menstrual cycle! From puberty long into womanhood, the time of the month can have many effects on a girl’s body before, during and after. Some pre- and post-menstrual symptoms include fatigue, bloating, cramps and general discomfort.


Young Go-Getter

Once she joins the workforce, for instance, a woman’s lifestyle becomes active and hectic. From dawn to dusk, she will challenge herself to push boundaries and accomplish more every single day, often neglecting her own health needs in the process.


Loving Mothers

From the day a delightful bundle of joy becomes the greatest focus of her life, a mother puts her child first. At the same time, she must remember to take care of herself too, especially as her child continues to grow and their needs change. Therefore, her body requires proper nutrition not just to recover after childbirth but also to stay healthy always so she can be the best mother possible for years to come.


40s & Above

Around this time, a mature woman will experience several physical changes as she advances into the next stage of life. Again, the right nourishment will ensure her body is sufficiently healthy and strong to see her through.


Ladies, strengthen your body with the Vital Treasures PINK BLOOM Botanical Beverage Raspberry, Red Dates & Pomegranate Extract. Packed in ready-to-drink bottles, it enhances women’s nutritional needs at all stages of life. Rich in antioxidants from US-patented Pomegranate Extract, it also contains 23 high-quality herbs known to support female wellness and improve vitality.

These are just some of the beneficial ingredients in this tasty raspberry-flavoured beverage:


These brightly coloured berries are delicious and full of fibre and Vitamin C. Rich in antioxidants, it helps combat free radicals, boosts collagen production and reverses UV damage to the skin.


Another antioxidant-rich fruit, pomegranate extract has been used to support urinary health for many years. Its high Vitamin C content helps rejuvenate skin cells and reduce signs of ageing like age spots and wrinkles. Anti-inflammatory, it is also good for reducing inflammation of the skin that may cause flareups of acne and eczema.

Red Dates (Jujubes)

A common ingredient in Chinese soups and remedies, red dates contain up to 10 times more Vitamin C than citrus fruits. They are also great for skin health, reducing dark spots and uneven skin tone, while the Vitamin B content also improves blood circulation.

Chinese Angelica Root

Better known as dong quai in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Chinese Angelica Root (Angelica Sinensis) has been used to treat female hormonal issues for many years. It helps manage menopausal symptoms like hot flashes or night sweats by maintaining serotonin levels. Its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce pain from cramping and relieve osteoarthritis symptoms.

Amomum Fruit

Also known as sha ren, the amomum fruit has long been used in TCM as a tonic for the kidneys. It detoxifies the body while stimulating blood circulation. This helps regulate the menstrual cycle and ease bloating. The fruit’s analgesic properties help with pain management too.

White Peony

White peony can also be recognised by its Chinese name bai shao. The white peony flower has been used to reduce painful cramping and spasms that are caused by dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation. It also aids in replenishing the blood loss caused by heavy periods.

Chinese Skullcap

This antioxidant-rich ingredient helps manage and reduce the effects of oxidative stress on the body that can affect various tissues in the body. It also promotes cellular growth and regulates the body’s inflammatory response.


Also known as ajuga, bugleweed is used to manage thyroid levels and balance hormones. Its natural prolactin content reduces breast tenderness and pain, relieves premenstrual symptoms, and replenishes the body after heavy bleeding.

Get ready to discover the health benefits of all these amazing ingredients in the Vital Treasures PINK BLOOM Botanical Beverage Raspberry, Red Dates & Pomegranate Extract, coming soon!

In June, we will be launching TWO new products under Vital Treasures:

Vital Treasures PINK BLOOM Botanical Beverage Raspberry, Red Dates & Pomegranate Extract

Vital Treasures ROSYSHINE Botanical Beverage Berries, Rose Petal Extract & Grape Seed Extract

Stay tuned for more!


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