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Nutrilite’s Commitment to Harmony and Sustainability

Nutrilite’s commitment to harmony and sustainability takes the communities in and around our farms and partner farms, from the ground to the air, to the plants to the animals, and to the people who work on and live near our farms. 
Nature's intricate balance is the essence of our existence, and at Nutrilite, we embody this principle by nurturing a harmonious relationship with the environment. Our farms are more than just patches of cultivated land; they are thriving ecosystems where soil, air, plants, wildlife, insects, water, and the local community coexist in a delicate equilibrium. 

“We are made of nothing but what plants provide and of other substances available in the air and water of the Earth, and so we are inescapably in and of the universe. If we cannot get what the plants provide, we cannot live.”  

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These insightful words from Carl F. Rehnborg, the visionary founder of Nutrilite, have guided the company's philosophy for 90 years and counting. 


The Soil and Beyond: A Holistic Farming Approach

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While healthy soil is the foundation of our farming practices, it is only one part of a larger ecological tapestry. Each Nutrilite farm is an ecologically integrated system, where every element plays a vital role. From creating buffer zones of unfarmed areas that bolster plant biodiversity to building habitats for wildlife and beneficial insects, we ensure that all components of the ecosystem work together harmoniously.  

On our certified organic farms, we rely on nature's own pest control. Ladybugs, for instance, are our allies in managing aphids and thrips, pests that can harm our crops.  

This symbiotic relationship extends beyond insects. It involves every living organism on the farm, from the smallest worm enriching the soil, to the workers from the surrounding community who help bring our vision to life. We believe Carl F. Rehnborg would have been immensely proud of this integrated approach. 

Falconry: Nature’s Guardians at Trout Lake East

At Trout Lake East, part of our certified organic Nutrilite™ farm in Washington, we have adopted a unique and natural method of pest control: falconry. Meet Copper, a Red-Naped Shaheen falcon, who is a key player in our pest management strategy. Perched confidently on the hand of Kort Clayton, the manager of our falconry programme, Copper stands as a testament to our innovative approach.  

Falconry - Nature’s Guardians at Trout Lake East.jpg

“This is Copper, he’s a Nutrilite falcon,” Kort explains, highlighting the falcon's role in safeguarding our crops. “Our job is to protect the crop. Nutrilite is one of the only supplement companies that uses falconry to control pest birds on their property1.”  

Copper’s presence is enough to deter pest birds, making him an invaluable part of our team. “He’s a fierce little predator and immensely intimidating to pest birds, but he’s an absolute sweetheart,” Kort adds. 

Innovation Rooted in Nature

Nutrilite’s commitment to natural harmony extends to our rich history of innovation. Today, Amway boasts over 900+ global patents and patents pending2, yet Nutrilite was a pioneer in securing patents long before Amway existed.  

One of Nutrilite’s earliest patents, awarded in 1956, encapsulates our philosophy perfectly: using nature to control nature. This "good bug/bad bug" patent underscores our dedication to sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices. 

A Legacy of Environmental Stewardship

At Nutrilite, we are not just growing crops; we are cultivating a legacy of environmental stewardship. Our commitment to natural harmony, innovative pest control, and ecological balance ensures that we produce the highest quality botanicals for Nutrilite supplements while safeguarding the planet. By embracing these principles, we honour the legacy of Carl F. Rehnborg and continue to pave the way for a sustainable future. 

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