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Balance Your Gluco Health with Nutrilite Botanical Beverage Mulberry, Fenugreek & Cinnamon

Malaysia, known for as the food paradise of Southeast Asia, offers a wide range of irresistible delicacies that captivate our senses. However, amidst our enjoyment of these savory delights, it's important to understand the impact they have on our bodies.


Every bite, particularly those rich in carbohydrates, transforms into glucose, to be absorbed into our body’s cells with the help of insulin, as the body’s main source of energy. Yet, factors like unhealthy diets, poor management of blood sugar level and stressful environments can often disrupt this process, drastically spiking glucose levels, ultimately affecting our overall health.

“Balancing Gluco, Made Easy”

Enter Nutrilite Botanical Beverage Mulberry, Fenugreek & Cinnamon – a revolutionary product designed to tackle these challenges. Crafted with precision and backed by science, this innovative health support offers a convenient and effective solution for balancing gluco health and supporting overall wellbeing.

At the core of Nutrilite Botanical Beverage Mulberry, Fenugreek & Cinnamon lies a potent blend of herbal and botanical ingredients, carefully selected for their exceptional health benefits. With each serving, you'll receive a tailored combination of mulberry leaf, fenugreek seeds and cinnamon extract – a trifecta of natural goodness aimed at addressing your specific health needs.


Let's delve deeper into the remarkable properties of these key ingredients.

Mulberry Leaf


Known for its ability to slow down carbohydrate absorption, mulberry leaf plays a pivotal role in managing blood sugar levels effectively. By inhibiting the breakdown of sugars in the digestive tract, it helps prevent rapid spikes in blood glucose levels, promoting greater stability and balance.1,2


Cinnamon Extract


A beloved spice cherished for its rich flavour and aroma; cinnamon also boasts impressive health benefits. In the context of Nutrilite Botanical Beverage Mulberry, Fenugreek & Cinnamon, cinnamon extract is instrumental in promoting glucose uptake. By enhancing the body's sensitivity to insulin, it facilitates the efficient utilisation of glucose by cells in the body, thereby contributing to the maintenance of optimal blood sugar levels.2,3

Fenugreek Seeds


Widely celebrated for their medicinal properties, fenugreek seeds offer a myriad of health benefits, particularly in the realm of metabolic health. These tiny seeds are renowned for their ability to enhance insulin function (interacting with glucose - to move glucose from blood to cell) and secretion, thereby optimising metabolic processes and promoting overall health and vitality.4,5

But what truly sets Nutrilite Botanical Beverage Mulberry, Fenugreek & Cinnamon apart from other health supplements on the market is our unwavering commitment to quality and efficacy. Each ingredient undergoes rigorous testing and evaluation, backed by comprehensive clinical research, to ensure that every serving delivers on its promise of enhancing your wellbeing.

Mulberry and cinnamon from NutriCertTM partner farms and fenugreek sourced in-line with
Nutrilite standards – the ingredients in this product are subjected to stringent quality control measures. From cultivation to harvest, every step of the production process is meticulously monitored to guarantee purity, potency and traceability.


But Nutrilite Botanical Beverage Mulberry, Fenugreek & Cinnamon isn't just about delivering results; it's also about providing unmatched convenience for individuals leading busy, on-the-go lifestyles. Packaged in portable liquid stick packs, it's the perfect companion for those who refuse to let their hectic schedules compromise their health goals. Whether you're rushing to a meeting or embarking on a weekend getaway, you can easily enjoy the benefits of Nutrilite's premium blend wherever life takes you.

Moreover, Nutrilite Botanical Beverage Mulberry, Fenugreek & Cinnamon is designed to cater to a diverse range of dietary preferences and restrictions. Whether you're vegetarian, gluten-sensitive, or simply conscious about what goes into your body, you can rest assured that this product is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, allowing you to nourish your body with confidence.


So why wait? Experience the synergy of nature and science with us. Take the first step towards optimal health and vitality with this premium blend, meticulously crafted to support your unique health journey. Don't compromise on your wellbeing any longer – choose Nutrilite Botanical Beverage Mulberry, Fenugreek & Cinnamon for a better way to balance gluco health so you can enjoy a better quality of life including sustainable weight management and more!