BodyKey Fit with Challenge 2019 Winners

A Whale-Some Win: 90% Lost Weight!

BodyKey Fit with Challenge 2019 winners

All those tears and sweat that were shed over 30- or 60-days losing weight and achieving a better bod has all come to fruition. Meet the teams who made the cut and the TOP 4 TEAMS from the BODYKEY FIT WITH CHALLENGE 2019. CONGRATS, BODYKEY-IANS!

30 Days

Superwomen Bodykey Fit with Challenge winner

Superwomen (aka Soonye36)

Highest Weight Loss
  • Total weight loss: 28.1kg
  • Average per pax: 9.37kg

We’re professional working women who sometimes don’t have the time to eat healthy meals or exercise regularly to keep fit. But this Challenge was the necessary push needed to stay motivated in changing our lifestyles, looking and feeling better apart from getting our hands on those amazing prizes. The BodyKey community, Nutrilite products and the support from both family and friends really got us going till the very last day of the Challenge. Want to lose weight the right way? BodyKey has your back!

Chia Peck Sim | Tan Chai Shya | Goh Hui Sia



Highest Fat Loss
  • Total fat loss: 18.1%
  • Average per pax: 6.03%

BodyKey isn’t just a brand selling products. It is a plan that helps you map out both your business and lifestyle. It is also a community that is based on teamwork and dedication to not only stay healthy but to encourage others to stay positive and confident. My team felt hungry during the Challenge, but the BodyKey 15-Day Guide helped. We kept it simple. We stuck to the meal plan, focused on winning and staying healthy apart from keeping each other on our toes till the very end. Today, we aren’t just winners of this Challenge but we’re also leaders who set examples for others to follow suit!

Lor Cheng Sun | Ch'ng Gim Kang | Donny Song T'eh Hock Ching

60 Days

CA Terminator AJK Bodykey Fit with Challenge winner


Highest Weight Loss
  • Total weight loss: 57.3kg
  • Average per pax: 19.1kg

My teammate struggled to do a single push-up when this Challenge started. Today, he can do 200 push-ups in a day. If that doesn’t convince you that BodyKey works, we don’t know what will. We used to shop for XL-sized clothing. Since then, we’ve had a wardrobe makeover and constantly on the lookout for M and S-sized clothing. Before joining BodyKey, some of us were diagnosed with hypertension and high cholesterol levels. Today, we’ve gotten a clean bill of health from our physicians. BodyKey didn’t just change our lives, it made others green with envy and gave people the confidence that BodyKey works too!

Anson Ling | Jack Kong | Kelvin Kong

Survivor Bodykey Fit with Challenge winner


(aka Soonye604)

Highest Fat Loss
  • Total fat loss: 32.0%
  • Average per pax: 10.67%

We ate together. We exercised together. We kept each other away from cravings. That’s how we won! The difference between BodyKey and other weight or fat loss programmes? The strong and supportive BodyKey community that helps you stay motivated throughout the course of a challenge or period. We are glad we joined the Fit with Challenge 2019 as the specialised low-calorie meal plan and personal coaching from the InBodyWATCH proved to be great accessories for our transformation. Thank you BodyKey, thank you Amway!

Lee Bee Yoke | Koay Kit Hoe | Chia Peck Boey