Are Energy Drinks Good For Your Health?

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B for Boost: Can energy drinks be good for you?

Most people believe that energy drinks are nothing but sugary, caffeinated drinks that are only one step above a soda. But energy drinks have so much more to offer than just a quick buzz and a crash.

XS Energy Drinks keep you pumped up and ready to keep grinding while being sugar-free. Worry less about the empty calories and keep your eyes on the prize!

B for Body

B vitamins are a common ingredient in energy drinks as they play a vital role in fuelling your body. They are especially important for helping turn the food you consume into energy.

When we talk about B vitamins, we talk about:

  • B2 – breaks down fats, carbohydrates and proteins and turns them into energy
  • B3 – boosts your metabolism, helping you burn calories and giving you more energy to keep up with your fitness routine
  • B5 – reduces body fatigue and weariness while setting the body's metabolic activities on the right track
  • B6 – delivers more oxygen to your muscles and keeps you energised for longer
  • B12 – gives you an added boost of energy to keep you from feeling tired and rundown

When you consume an energy drink like XS, you’re getting the power-up energy of these vitamins so that you can keep B-ing great at what you do.

B for Brain

When deadlines are around the corner, it’s easy for your brain to go haywire. Stress and the endless rat race can get the best of even the brainiest of brains to burn out. Energy drinks can lend a hand. Some studies have shown that consuming energy drinks can increase mental alertness, improve memory, concentration and even reaction time.

In other words, energy drinks can jumpstart your brain when it needs a pick-me-up.

B for Boundaries

As in break them. According to a Euromonitor International report, XS is the first exclusively sugar-free energy drink brand sold globally. When it comes to energy drinks, that is no small feat.

Compared to other energy drinks on the market, XS Energy Drinks offers a range with significantly lower calories. Each can of XS contains about 10 calories.

B for Burn

Now that you know the benefits (and risks) of energy drinks, it’s time to think about how you choose what to put in your body. Are you thinking sugar-free, caffeine-free, naturally enhanced options?

XS is the way to go. Packed to the brim with all the great B vitamins your body craves and topped off with a bubbly fruity kick, XS Energy Drinks will get you going. Tantalise your tongue with the unique taste of Cranberry-Grape or Citrus Blast. Not a caffeine fan but need a little pep in your step? Try out the Mango Passionfruit Guava. Zero caffeine, zero sugar and zero crash.

Looking for a little more fire in your life?

Try out the latest and greatest fiery flavour — the Pink Grapefruit Fiery Blaze. It comes with added green coffee bean extract to help burn fat cells as you workout.* On top of that, it has an additional 60mg of caffeine with ZERO calories. How's that for a kick?

Find out more about the Pink Grapefruit Fiery Blaze here.

* Disclaimer: The weight loss and fat burning properties of green coffee bean extract is largely dependent on an individual’s health condition, physical activity level and diet. Results and effects may vary from person-to-person.