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Date Night with Amway: Skin Prep with ARTISTRY

Now that you’ve completed your bathroom rituals, it’s time to prep your skin with ARTISTRY, for your exciting date night! Preparing your skin before applying makeup is crucial for achieving a smooth, flawless and glowing finish.

Discover a curated skincare routine designed to enhance your natural beauty and create the perfect base for your makeup masterpiece. We'll unveil the secrets to achieving a radiant complexion that speaks the language of love.

The Must-Haves

Before you glam up for the night, ensure your basic skin prep routine is not forgotten! Purifying (cleansing), serenading (toning), and adorning (moisturising)—these are the fundamental skincare rituals to create a canvas suit for a beauty god or goddess like yourself!

Here’s a refresher course on the basics with the ARTISTRY SKIN NUTRITION range!

5 Nights Before

As we countdown to your special date night, kickstart your skincare journey five nights prior with the ARTISTRY SKIN NUTRITION Vitamin C+HA3 Daily Serum for rapid, noticeable results. According to consumer testing, 88% of women reported a luminous and healthy glow after using the serum, while 80% noted a more even-toned complexion.

This powerhouse serum is designed to infuse your skin with the goodness of Vitamin C and HA3, providing a potent combination that delivers visible radiance and skin tone improvement. Prepare to dazzle on your date with a complexion that exudes vitality and an even-toned, radiant allure. It's the perfect pre-date skincare ritual for a confident and glowing you!

Learn more about this brilliant serum!

The Night Before

ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT MASKS are here to add a touch of self-care charm to personalised skincare with the delightful practice of multi-masking. Imagine pampering yourself with a bouquet of masks, each designed for different zones on your face, creating a symphony of love for your skin.

Picture this: a special mask for the romantic T-zone and a moisture-rich treat for the loving cheeks. It's like a skincare love story unfolding on your face.


Say goodbye to the outdated one-size-fits-all routine. Instead, indulge in the skincare romance of using up to 5 masks simultaneously.

This year, why not make multi-masking a delightful group activity with your friends? It's the perfect way to celebrate love, laughter and glowing skin.

Want to learn more about ARTISTRY’s Art of Multi-Masking? Read Now!

Date Day!

Tonight marks the enchanting date night! Prioritise a radiant canvas for your makeup by indulging in the nourishing embrace of the ARTISTRY Deep Hydrating Sheet Mask.

Let your skin soak in the hydrating goodness from precious Dendrobium Nobile and Japanese Cherry Blossom (Prunus Serrulata Flower Extract), ensuring a flawless and captivating look for your special evening. This essential step sets the stage for a makeup masterpiece that reflects the glow of romance. Prepare to dazzle and delight on this memorable night!

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Fun fact:
A well-hydrated skin is key to achieving a smoother, flawless and glowing finish!

Prevents Dryness:
Bid farewell to dry patches and flakiness! Hydrated skin acts as a barrier against skin dryness, creating a seamlessly smooth canvas for your makeup. No more uneven textures—just a velvety touch.

Enhances Product Absorption:
A well-hydrated skin is like a sponge that absorbs makeup products, especially foundation, more evenly. This ensures a uniform application, reducing the chances of any uneven makeup surprises.

The key to makeup that lasts! Hydrated skin holds onto your makeup, preventing it from settling into fine lines and wrinkles throughout the night. With well-hydrated skin, your date night look will stay fresh and radiant!

Now you’re ready to Glam Up with ARTISTRY!