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Enhance your body care routine with skin-loving phytonutrients

While naturally healthy skin from head to toe is universally attractive, it more importantly serves as a crucial shield for the body against everyday environmental stressors, including pollutants like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. Maintaining skin health is not merely cosmetic; it’s fundamental to a healthy active lifestyle.

Keeping your skin pristine might sound like a tall order in today’s day and age, but Mother Nature has got your back with lots of wonderful plants that can yield incredible ingredients when harvested and applied correctly. Say hello to the all-new g&h range, which offers gentle and effective body care that’s bursting with skin-loving phytonutrients.

Discover the g&h Body collection

g&h Body Care: Nature’s nurturing at its finest

The g&h body care collection marks a significant step towards sustainable personal care. Suitable for all skin types, this restage is infused with plant-based ingredients that comply with g&h’s commitment to vegan certification and ethical body skin nutrition.

Understanding the increasing consumer demand for sustainable and cruelty-free products, the g&h range features a meticulously curated selection of plant-based ingredients known for their beneficial properties. Embracing plant-based potency, g&h delivers a body care line which provides deep nourishment that is also aligned with the values of eco-conscious individuals, showcasing how responsible practices and natural ingredients can culminate in a range that’s both effective and sustainably conscientious.

g&h Nourish

g&h Nourish – to nourish, comfort and maintain healthy-looking skin for those who take great care of their appearance

Pamper yourself with g&h Nourish, which beautifully moisturises and softens dry rough skin thanks to a hydrating blend of Bamboo Complex Water, Olive Oil-Derived Ceramide and White Chia Seed Oil for soft and supple skin all over.

Made from the finest bamboo and plant-derived glycerine, the Bamboo Complex Water helps moisturise skin. As a special type of lipid, the Olive Oil-Derived Ceramide helps maintain the skin’s moisture barrier. Finally, the White Chia Seed Oil comes from one of nature’s richest superfoods, with phytonutrients and antioxidants to help visibly nourish and protect your skin’s Healthy Beauty.

Did you know our White Chia is grown on a certified organic Nutrilite farm and partner farm? This allows unprecedented Seed to Skin Traceability, so you can be sure of its purity, safety and efficacy.

g&h Nourish series

g&h Nourish products: Body Wash, Body Lotion and Hand Cream

g&h Nourish series

g&h Nourish products: Foot Cream, Lip Balm and Complexion Bar

g&h Refresh – to refresh and hydrate the skin for those with an active lifestyle

Get ready to keep up with an active lifestyle as g&h Refresh keeps you revitalised and energised with Bamboo Complex Water, Olive Oil-Derived Ceramide and Nutrilite-grown Green Acerola Cherry.

A fruit extract that is rich in Vitamin C, Nutrilite-grown Green Acerola Cherry helps provide antioxidant protection. Furthermore, our Green Acerola Cherry is grown on a certified organic Nutrilite farm, for unrivalled Seed to Skin Traceability.

g&h Refresh products: Exfoliating Body Wash and Body Milk

g&h Protect

g&h Protect – to protect against odour, impurities and wetness for outdoor enthusiasts and those who are always on the move

Purifying and deodorising, g&h Protect removes impurities and neutralises odours for lasting freshness. Formulated with Cica Complex Water, Rosemary and Nutrilite-approved Green Tea Extract for clean and healthy skin.

Made from Cica (Centella asiatica) and plant-derived glycerine, Cica Complex Water helps soothe skin, as does the flavourful herb Rosemary. Last but not least, Nutrilite-approved Green Tea Extract provides antioxidant protection, derived from Green Tea grown on a NutriCert™ certified partner farm to guarantee Seed to Skin Traceability.

g&h Protect series

g&h Protect products: Deodorant Antiperspirant Roll-On and Hand Soap

g&h Protect series

g&h Protect products: Bar Soap, Deodorant Antiperspirant Spray and UV Sunscreen SPF 50+

Embrace plant-powered body care

As the g&h body care collection continues to evolve with the ever-changing demands of the beauty and personal care industry, this certified vegan range with its plant-based ingredients is a milestone that reflects the growing importance of body nutrition and ethical consumerism. It’s a powerful message that aligns with the brand’s vision of nurturing wellbeing in harmony with nature.

Beyond Body Care, it’s Body Nutrition.

Discover the g&h range!

Elevate your body’s nutrition with the bounties of nature. Your body – and Mother Nature – will thank you for it.