Fun Facts On Laundry

Some of us do our laundry multiple times a week so it’s easy to see how the whole process can become so mundane. Little surprise that hardly anyone would stop to think about the history of laundry or appreciate how far its advancements have come.

Curious to know more about your washing machine and laundry products? Here are a few interesting facts and figures to ponder the next time you sort, wash and iron your clothes:

On average, adults produce 1 litre of sweat a day

Yes, your gym attire always ends up soaked but did you know that we continue to perspire even when we’re not exercising? And of course, most of it ends up staining the collars, armpits and cuffs on your shirts. Don’t forget to pre-treat these sweaty areas with the SA8 PreWash Spray Soil & Stain Remover before putting your dirty clothes in the washing machine.

The amount of grime from a 4kg load of laundry is about the size of a candy bar

Besides sweat, your body’s daily production includes 10g of salt, 40g of sebum and 10g of skin cells, which is equivalent to 2 billion skin cells. It’s a yucky recipe that makes us want to throw everything we wear (and sit or sleep on) into the washing machine and give it a good wash with SA8 Premium Concentrated Laundry Detergent to kill germs and bacteria without any skin-irritating residue.

Bleach has more uses than disinfecting or whitening

Many are unaware of how oxygen bleach can also function as a wash booster with cleaning agents which help increase the effectiveness of laundry detergent. Remember to use the SA8 All Fabric Bleach that effectively tackles deep-seated stains in your laundry to restore clean garments.

Fabric softener is more important than you think

No, it doesn’t just leave your clothes fluffy and fresh-smelling. By minimising surface resistance, fabric softener makes it easier for your iron to glide across your clothes. This means you can finish your ironing faster, leaving you with plenty of time for your loved ones. Get the SA8 Concentrated Fabric Softener, which is made from naturally derived ingredients and is safe for the entire family.

Bonus tip: A good steam generator iron can change your life

We’re not kidding. With its OptimalTEMP Technology, the Philips PerfectCare Steam Generator Iron PSG6064 allows you to iron all ironable garments without adjusting its temperature. Its ProVelocity Technology also provide continuous powerful steam (up to 130g/min) with up to 8 bars of steam pressure for speedy ironing and unrivalled crease removal – you’ll never look back.

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