How To Change Your eSpring Water Filter Cartridge


Beeeeep! Beeeeep! Beeeeep! 

That could be the sound of your eSpring Water Treatment System telling you that it’s time to replace the eSpring cartridge.

It’s advisable to replace the eSpring cartridge every year or once every 5,000 litres of water, whichever comes first, to maintain your water quality. If your water contains higher amounts of contaminants, you might be required to replace your eSpring cartridge more frequently.

What’s great is that you don’t have to keep track of the months or count how many litres of water you’re drinking each day to know when to replace the eSpring cartridge. Each eSpring monitor features an indicator that shows the remaining cartridge life and automatically informs when to replace the cartridge with an early as well as a secondary notification.

6 Easy Steps To Change Your eSpring Water Filter Cartridge


Step 1: Remove the top cover. Remember to unplug the power adapter before that.

Step-02.jpg Step 2: Remove the electronic module then pull the elbows out.
Step-03.jpg Step 3: Unscrew to remove the collar. Lift the handle on the bracket. Unscrew to remove the attached used cartridge and replace it with a new one. Empty the water from the base.
Step-04.jpg Step 4: Firmly press the new cartridge until it comes into contact with the base. Align the notches of the bracket with the tabs on the base.
Step-05.jpg Step 5: Screw on the collar, reinsert the tubes and check for leakage. Screw on the collar until it ‘clicks’ to a stop.
Step-06.jpg Step 6: Re-install the top cover & the electronic module. Plug in the power adapter. Turn on water to the eSpring Water Treatment System. The display shows that the replacement is complete. From the display, all usage segments of the cartridge should be visible.

WAIT.... What’s This Red Phone, Red Cup Beeping?

Occasionally, after changing the eSpring cartridge, you might see the Red Phone and Red Cup beeping on your eSpring monitor. This can sometimes happen if the filter bracket is dirty.

So, there’s no need to worry, simply follow the steps below to clean your filter bracket.

How to clean your filter bracket:

Step 1: Unplug the eSpring from the wall outlet. Remove the top cover and electronics module.

Step 2: Mark the tubing with a pen to indicate how far they are inserted into the bracket and then release tubing from the eSpring filter bracket.

Step 3: Unscrew the retaining ring and lift the filter bracket using the handle and examine the filter to see if it is very dirty or slimy. Rinse the filter with running water (no soap). Alternately, now could be a good time to replace your eSpring cartridge.

  • If you’re seeing the error after replacing your cartridge, just remove the new cartridge and set it aside without rinsing.

Step 4: Using a gentle bristle brush (toothbrush) and soap, scrub the inside of the filter bracket.

Step 5: With soap and water, clean out the basin of the eSpring unit.

Step 6: Hold the filter bracket in one hand, with the other hand, insert the filter cartridge and turn clockwise until it reaches a positive stop.

Step 7: Set the filter bracket into the base housing, making sure the base housing tabs are in line with the filter bracket notches/slots.

Step 8: Push down firmly to confirm that filter and bracket are seated properly. Using both hands, push down on the sides of the filter bracket until it is positioned down as far as it will go into the base housing.

  • A used, wet filter will take more force than a new, dry cartridge and water/air may come out of the outlet port.

Step 9: Place the retaining ring over the filter bracket and onto the base housing. While holding down the filter bracket (top centre) with your palm, use the free hand to tighten the retaining ring until it reaches a positive stop.

  • Do not go past the stop. If the filter bracket pops up before the retaining ring has reached the positive stop, then push down harder on the top of the filter bracket until it makes contact with the base housing.

Step 10: Re-insert the tubing into the filter bracket quick connect ports and make sure the tubing is fully inserted.

Step 11: Press the electronics module firmly onto the filter bracket.

Step 12: Reinstall the top cover, making sure the cord is correctly in place.

Step 13: Correctly reseat the top cover.

Step 14: Turn the eSpring faucet ON to release cold water into the eSpring unit.

NOTE: If the water supply/source shut off valve was previously turned off, leave the eSpring faucet in the ON position (diverter pin pulled out) before opening the water supply/source shut off valve.

Step 15: Turn the water back on and flush the air out of the system before use.

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