Gut Reset: Good Health Starts From Your Gut

Similar to how electronic devices are filled with microchips, our guts are filled with microorganisms that we refer to as gut microbiomes. Each person has more than 1,000 different species of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the digestive tract. They serve many functions from digesting nutrients, maintaining the integrity of our gut mucosal barrier, supporting our immune system to protecting our bodies against pathogens.  


A Healthy Gut Is All About Balance 

At any given moment, we should ideally have 85% of good bacteria versus the 15% of bad bacteria in our gut. But due to a variety of factors such as poor diet, stress, sleep-deprivation, constipation or diarrhoea, there can be a decrease in good bacteria and an increase in bad bacteria, which can negatively impact our overall health 

Thankfully, similar to pressing restart on electronic devices, we can theoretically reset our gut health and restore the proper balance of microbiomes in our bodies 


How Does A Gut Reset Help The Body? 

Unlike a traditional gut cleanse that merely focuses on removing toxins, a gut reset aims to replace food that feeds bad bacteria, with probiotics that support good bacteria, while encouraging positive habits - improving sleep management, exercise and hydration.  

A gut reset is not a quick fix, instead it lays the foundation of a healthy and meaningful life. Emerging science indicates that a proper balance of microbiomes in our gut is directly correlated to weight managements, skin irritation, blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol level.  


You’ve Got My Attention. How Do I Start A Gut Reset? 

Given that we’re talking about gut health, food plays a vital role in your gut reset. You need to include more gut-friendly foods into your diet such as vegetables, fermented vegetables, lean meats and healthy fats. And it’s just as important to cut out processed foods, snacks that are high in sugar or salt, and simple carbohydrates. 

When it comes to incorporating more fruits and vegetables in your diet, aim for 5 colours a day to ensure a healthy variety. Some options include purple cabbage, black plum, sweet potato, berries, beetroot, Brussels sprout, celery, dragon fruit, bitter gourd, baby spinach, cucumber, and others

Of course, the benefits of probiotics and supplements cannot be understated. They aid in digestion, body metabolism, and benefits one’s immune system. One supplement you should start taking is the Nutrilite Botanical Beverage Mix Chicory Root Extract With Probiotics. It contains 6.3 billion beneficial bacteria (Colony Forming Units) per serving stick to help balance and maintain gut microbiomes. The strains in this probiotic also ‘arrive alive’ and ‘stick to your gut’ to fill your gut with good bacteria and prevent bad bacteria from flourishing.

Mixed Fibre Powder is a special blend of three soluble fibres from naturally derived plant sources that offers a convenient way for users to get additional probiotic fibres, the essential nutrients for the good bacteria in one’s gut.

All these, paired with good habits, such as regular exercise, good sleep, stress management and an overall healthy mindset goes beyond just resetting your gut health, but also lays the foundation to a healthier and happier new you.


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Here’s what you can potentially gain from the programme:

  • More effective weight management
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved serotonin levels (happy hormones) for better mood and mental wellbeing
  • Manage metabolic concerns, such as blood glucose, blood cholesterol and blood pressure  

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