Have Glowing, Hydrated Skin

Secrets to gorgeous skin

5 Secrets to Gorgeous Skin

There’s nothing sexy or healthy about dry and dull skin on any part of your face or body. So, show your skin some love and get gorgeous glowing skin by learning these five secrets.

1. Smooth Skin Smooches

Tomorrow’s the night. You’ve been waiting for this date the whole week! You wake up and your hand touches your skin. It feels dry! You grab your tube of non-greasy aloe gel and apply a small amount. To moisturise skin further and soothe any angry pimples, you apply it overnight too. The verdict the next day? Smooth and supple skin ready for date night!

2. Get That Glow

If you want to own silky, smooth skin that will have others slipping and sliding with envy, take skin hydration to the next level. Use a body lotion with grapeseed and green tea extracts. The botanical blend makes for an excellent moisturiser especially for problem areas that are very dry such as the cuticles and elbows. Want to look like you’re not playing but slaying? Moisturise daily for that youthful skin structure!

Beauty Tip: How dry is your skin? Scratch a small area on your arm or leg with your fingernail, if it leaves a white mark, your skin is dry and needs moisture.

3. Minor Burn Relief

Ouch! You quickly turn off the stove and run to the tap, placing your pink fingers under the running water. The pain is pulsating, and you go to the medicine drawer and grab a tube of aloe. You apply it directly to your fingers. It’s a minor burn from the hot stove and you’re glad there is a lull in the burning sensation after applying the aloe gel. You can still prep the family dinner without any hitches in the plan!

4. Grab An Umbrella

The sun’s rays are strongest between 10am and 4pm. If you can’t stay indoors during that period, at least stick to shady spots or use an umbrella.

As much as Vitamin D from the sun is needed, as we age, our skin undergoes changes that weaken our defenses against skin disease: reduced immune systems, poorer healing capacity, thinner skin and damage from smoking to pollution. So, say goodbye to dry and cracked skin by applying a thick layer of moisturising body lotion to keep your skin soft and supple. If you experience sunburn, take the sting out by applying aloe!

Beauty Tip: Keep the aloe vera gel in the fridge if you want a cooling sensation on your skin after application!

5. Shine Bright, Jazz Up

The universal skin dream is to have a complexion that looks healthy, clear and glowy. The one simple rule you need to follow for this to take effect? Moisturise and achieve healthy, hydrated skin with a body lotion and aloe gel.