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Holiday Season 2023: Colours of Christmas

'Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to embrace the festive spirit than by exploring the dazzling range of skincare and beauty products from ARTISTRY?  


From the rich reds that symbolise love and passion, and the shimmering golds that speak of abundance and generosity, to the vibrant orange that evoke a sense of radiance, the colours of Christmas are more than just pigments; they are expressions of the joy and hope that fill our hearts during this wondrous season. 

In our enchanting journey through "Colours of Christmas", we invite you to step into a world aglow with the warmth of tradition, the sparkle of innovation, and the beauty of celebration. 



ARTISTRY SKIN Nutrition Vitamin C+HA3 Daily Serum 

Meet your favourite orange label, the ARTISTRY SKIN NUTRITION Vitamin C+HA3 Daily Serum! This iconic serum is your beauty secret weapon for radiant holiday skin. With a remarkable 10% Vitamin C concentration, the highest-ever in an ARTISTRY formula, it unleashes the superpower of Vitamin C to illuminate your complexion from the inside out. 

Say goodbye to dullness and uneven skin tone, and say hello to bright and healthy-looking skin. With the ARTISTRY SKIN NUTRITION Vitamin C+HA3 Daily Serum, your skin will be the star of the season, even when you go bare faced. Experience the magic of Vitamin C and embrace a luminous holiday look! 


ARTISTRY SKIN NUTRITION Multi-Defense UV Protect SPF50+ / PA++++ 

Radiate holiday confidence with the ARTISTRY SKIN NUTRITION Multi-Defense UV Protect SPF50+ / PA++++! 

As you go for parties and events, it shields your skin from UVA, UVB, and even the shimmering allure of blue light. With the power of antioxidant-rich Nutrilite-grown ingredients and the unique Prevent Complex, it makes for a perfect gift for your loved ones too! This sunscreen not only protects but also combats early signs of ageing, ensuring your skin stays healthy and glowing. 

It's a seamless addition to your existing ARTISTRY SKIN NUTRITION skincare routine, leaving behind an invisible finish, with up to 80 minutes of water resistance.  



Dive into post-party indulgence with the ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT Hydrating Mask, dressed in soothing green to evoke a sense of tranquility and freshness. 

Crafted with a soft, smooth soufflé cream formula, it's like a luxurious treat for your skin, offering deep and lasting moisture. After those festive holiday gatherings, let this mask work its magic, leaving your skin feeling not just replenished but absolutely delicious, and oh-so comfortably moisturised! 

Unwind and recharge your skin, because you deserve to look as refreshed as the holiday season itself. 



This holiday season, indulge in the captivating allure of the ARTISTRY GO VIBRANT Cream Lipsticks, in an array of stunning shades of red! For those seeking drama, boldness, confidence, and self-expression! 

With a super creamy, hydrating formula, these lipsticks effortlessly deliver high-impact, vibrant colour in a single stroke. The magic lies in the +190% pigment boost, ensuring your lips exude unstoppable vibrancy without the worry of feathering or bleeding. Enjoy lips that remain soft, moisturised, and absolutely beautiful, boasting a satin-shine finish that lasts all day.  

Packed with skin-loving ingredients, the ARTISTRY GO VIBRANT Cream Lipsticks fuse the best of nature and colour science, thanks to their infusion of liquid pigment dispersions and high concentrations of botanical oils. Get ready to paint the town red, quite literally! 

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ARTISTRY Limited Multi Color Palette – Launching 1 Dec 2023 

Shimmer and sparkle your way through the party season with the limited-edition ARTISTRY Limited Multi Color Palette, resplendent in luxurious gold – the colour of holiday magic! This opulent palette is your trusted companion for holiday glam and those unforgettable end-of-year travels. 

Unveil a world of beauty with 8 eyeshadows, 1 blush, and 1 highlighter, all neatly enclosed in this compact powerhouse. As you bask in the festive afterglow, these dreamy, pigmented shades are your secret to effortlessly transitioning from day to night. Create beautifully subtle looks during cozy gatherings, but yet versatile enough, transforming you into a stunning, shimmery glam that lights up the night.