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Is It Healthy to Drink Meal Replacement Shakes?

There have been many differing opinions about whether meal replacement shakes are any good for the body. Meal replacement shakes sometimes get a bad rep as being nothing more than sophisticated processed sugars. However, that is nothing more than an urban myth.

So, what is the truth? Are meal replacement shakes healthy for you?

Let us break it down for you

What’s the hype on meal replacement shakes?

    Good and proper meal replacement shakes should provide you with the nutrition you would get from a full meal. Most shakes come in powder or liquid form and range from 200 to 400 calories per serving.


    As lives get busier and time grows ever more precious, meal replacement shakes are ideal grab-and-go solutions for those hustling and bustling about their day. Don’t have time for breakfast? Grab a shake to go on the way to work! Working through lunch? Grab a shake!

    What is inside a meal replacement shake?

      Nutrients! Meal replacement shakes are packed full of all the nutrients your body needs to stay energised and fuelled throughout your day. As meal replacement shakes are primarily made of protein, whether milk- or soy-based, they focus on making your caloric intake count.

      High protein content in meal replacement shakes aids in weight loss.jpg

      This high protein content aids in weight loss, as high protein diets have been shown to improve lean muscle mass development, promote body fat loss and help reduce weight fluctuations.

      Don’t meal replacement shakes make me fat?

        Contrary to popular belief, meal replacement shakes promote weight loss! Whey protein supplements supplement the protein needs of active individuals with exercise regimens to provide support for muscle restoration and development.

        Contains plant-based protein that supports muscle restoration and development.jpg

        Meal replacement shakes, however, focus on providing you with low-carb, high-protein nutrition to stimulate your metabolism. Also, meal replacement shakes that contain plant-based protein will give you both the protein your body needs and in lesser calories that works better for your overall health too.

        Which meal replacement shake is the best?

          Choosing a meal replacement shake that is right for you is a subjective solution. Each person’s body and metabolic abilities are as unique as their individual personalities, and different shakes work for different people. A few pointers that may help you choose are (a) nutrient ratio and (b) testing and quality certifications.

          • Nutrient ratio: good meal replacements should have at least 33% of your required daily value of vitamins and minerals. This includes a minimum of 15g protein and 3g fibre per serving as well as low in sugar without any artificial sweeteners or flavourings.
          • Testing and quality certifications: read the label for non-GMO ingredients and these practices - Safe Quality Food (SQF), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Registration and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Certified.

          Give the BodyKey by Nutrilite Meal Replacement Shakes a chance?

          BodyKey Meal Replacement Shakes.jpg

          As a plant-based soy protein meal replacement shake, these shakes are a great solution for busy mums and dads, on-the-go adults, and those looking to balance their body weight. With 17g of protein in each serving, you can get all of your body’s protein needs without risking lactose sensitivity or gluten intolerance.

          Give the BodyKey Meal Replacement Shakes a chance_E.jpg

          Want to know more about the BodyKey Meal Replacement Shakes? Check it out here on our website.