Tips for the Perfect Drive

For many of us, it has been such a long time since we travelled, be it locally or internationally. With the school holidays just around the corner, what better time to rediscover all the beautiful and exciting destinations right here in our own country?

A road trip is a great way to ease back into travelling as you can move according to your own schedule (which is a key factor when travelling with children) and see plenty of picturesque sights along the way. But did you know that in-car air quality can be up to 15 times worse than the air outside? Here is what you need for the perfect journey.

Drive On

Breathe clean and healthy air all the way with the Atmosphere DRIVE Car Air Treatment System, the world’s number one selling car air treatment product*. This self-installed in-vehicle air purification system maintains superior performance in terms of Clean Air Delivery Rate – 30m3/h CADR and has a 99% removal rate of pollutants (PM2.5). With unparalleled performance, it is also the first of its kind to carry the Allergy UK seal of approval.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Combined filter (3-in-1) consists of pre-filter, carbon filter with a sponge and fabric particulate filter
  • 30 CADR for efficient air flow, offers superior performance in terms of Clean Air Delivery Rate
  • Adjustable fan speed – Low, High and Auto
  • Low noise level not exceeding 55dBa radio-frequency identification (RFID) with automatic filter reset and counterfeit prevention
  • Easy-to-use Velcro strap included for mounting
  • 4m cord for flexibility and easier cord management
  • 3 input vents – 1 large output vent in front demonstrates significant airflow
  • Particle sensor readings for real-time air quality monitoring
  • First and only car air purifier to receive the Allergy UK Seal of Approval

Keep airborne contaminants away with the Atmosphere DRIVE!

Other tips for the perfect drive include:

Rest Up

Be sure to get sufficient sleep (at least 8 hours of rest) the night before your trip. This is important not just to avoid drowsiness but also to ensure that your muscles and reflexes are all in tip top condition. 

Check Up

Get your car properly serviced just before your trip. From battery and engine oil to coolant and windscreen washer, make sure everything is in order. Don’t forget to check your emergency tool kit, spare tyre and first aid kit too. 

Slow Down

Yes, we’re all excited to reach our destinations as soon as possible but what matters most is getting there safely. Stick to speed limits and only use the far right lane when overtaking. 

Chow Down

Stock up on snacks and drinks to keep your energy levels up. Vergold Roasted Mixed Nuts and XS Energy Drinks come highly recommended. 

Switch Off

No mobile phones, please, except for Waze or Google Maps. If you need to make a call or send a message, only do so in a safe place such as a rest stop. 

Have a safe and pleasant drive! 

*Based on a Verify Markets study of 2018 global sales revenue.