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Healthy Hydration with the eSpring Water Treatment System

Water is essential in every aspect of our existence, profoundly impacting our health and wellbeing. Research published by the National Library of Medicine1 suggests that mineralised water fulfils the body’s hydration requirements and may provide various benefits.


Recognising the importance of clean water, one would be hard pressed to find a water purifier quite like the eSpring Water Treatment System. A cut above the standard water filter, this system transforms highly alkalised tap water into clean and crystal-clear mineralised water, ideal for meeting your daily hydration needs and cooking all your meals healthily.


How does the eSpring Water Treatment System work?

Incorporating a specially processed activated carbon filter, eSpring enhances the filter’s surface area for effectively trapping chemicals and particulates. The system ensures the retention of beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which are vital for bone health, while removing harmful substances like lead, mercury and radon. Also, eSpring’s carbon filter converts chlorine into harmless chloride, eliminating its associated taste and odour issues.

Beyond filtration, the system employs ultraviolet light – a proven method since 1919 – to destroy 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, ensuring safety during periods of inactivity. The initial presence of black carbon dust (a harmless by product of the manufacturing process) is easily rinsed away, and the integrated pre-filter made from pleated media prevents premature clogging by sediment.


Is the eSpring Water Treatment System easy to maintain?

Maintaining your eSpring system is straightforward. The high-quality carbon block cartridge made from coconut shell-based activated carbon is designed to remove pollutants while retaining beneficial minerals. It’s also designed to be easy to change.

For peak performance, the carbon block cartridge should be replaced annually or after filtering 5,000 litres of water. If you’re forgetful, fret not – the eSpring Water Treatment System includes a Smart Chip that signals you when it’s time for a cartridge replacement.

For those daunted by maintenance, our latest eSpring system with its wireless technology features easily replaceable cartridges — no wiring, electric plugs, or tools are required, ensuring simplicity and safety for you and your home.

Once you’ve installed a new cartridge, you can enjoy another 5,000 litres of clean mineralised water. Rest assured, what’s in your glass now not only smells and tastes better than what’s from the tap, but also supports the health of your loved ones for up to a year until the next filter change.


Is the eSpring Water Treatment System’s efficacy internationally recognised?

Don’t just take our word for it. Year after year, the eSpring Water Treatment System has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific Home Water Treatment Competitive Strategy Leadership Award as well as the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand Gold Award for Water Purifiers. These accolades, along with certification by NSF International and the Gold Seal from the Water Quality Association, are testament to eSpring’s commitment to excellence.

Clean water is a cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, and eSpring is dedicated to providing this essential resource with unparalleled convenience and care. As the world’s top-selling brand of home water treatment systems, eSpring continues to set the benchmark for clean and healthy water for all.

With eSpring, you’re not just investing in a product, but also in the wellbeing of yourself and your loved ones. So, make sure that your household enjoys the highest quality water, free from contaminants.


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