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Vergold Hazelnut Latte: The Caffeine Kick You Need

Coffee has been a staple in our lives since the 15th Century. From its earliest days flourishing through the ancient coffee forests of Ethiopia, to its cultivation and trade on the Arabian peninsula before circling the globe via Asia and Europe, numerous people have fallen in love with its invigorating and energising properties. 

Take Your Best Shot 

As children, we were forbidden the mysterious pleasures of this delicious caffeine-rich drink. Having watched in fascination with wide eyes as our parents sipped on steaming cups of coffee with their breakfast or during those quiet rainy afternoons, finally coming of age and being old enough to consume it ourselves has been a rite of passage for many – and we haven’t looked back since.  


And why should we? There’s nothing like taking your first sip of hot coffee in the morning before beginning your daily grind, whether you’re studying in college, climbing the corporate ladder from one bustling office to another, or raising kids as a stay-at-home parent. Make no mistake: Caffeine is the cornerstone of any attempt at productivity, and a quick pick-me-up at any point in the day is sure to elevate your mood no matter the situation. 

In the Mood for Coffee 

Be it piping hot or icy cold, there is a distinct feeling commonly associated with this much-loved beverage. Apart from the obvious jolt of caffeine that quickly recharges your spirits, coffee is more than just an indulgence for your senses during me-time; it is also a gift to be shared, to be experienced and savoured with others, imbuing its drinkers with that sense of togetherness, which is probably why it feels like love and comfort in a cup. 


Is it any wonder then that societies around the world would welcome the birth of coffee houses, thriving with a myriad of coffee varieties to be brewed, blended, iced, infused and so on? It is here that millions from all walks of life gather to percolate their thoughts, to exchange ideas and emotions or even just people-watch over countless cups of coffee. 

Introducing the Vergold Hazelnut Latte 

Featuring a new and improved formulation, the Vergold Hazelnut Latte packs a punch!

Savour the taste of 100% premium freeze-dried Brazilian Arabica coffee paired with a nutty hint of hazelnut to get your caffeine fix.  

Compared to the previous Vergold Hazelnut Cappuccino, the Vergold Hazelnut Latte now includes a higher protein content, is low in cholesterol and contains a calorie-free sweetener to provide you with a healthier alternative to your usual 3-in-1 coffee mix. 


Here's what you can look forward to in the new formulation: 

  • More than 15g of protein per 100g
  • Almost 15g of fibre per 100g
  • Contains Stevia, which is free from calories and carbohydrates
  • Low cholesterol 
  • Higher cocoa content for that rich, chocolatey taste!


In addition, the new Vergold Hazelnut Latte now has a creamier, richer taste that you will simply love. What are you waiting for? Get your Vergold Hazelnut Latte today and enjoy your break with a healthier coffee!