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Where should you place your air purifier?


So you’ve read about how a good air purifier can enhance indoor air quality. You’ve discovered how it can significantly reduce airborne allergens. And you’ve also learned how it can help keep you healthy throughout the haze season. Awesome.

Now, what’s the next step? Investing in your very own air purifier, of course! Once you’ve made your selection, follow these 10 tips on where to place your air purifier for optimum air filtration and circulation.


Air Purifier Placement Tip 1: Consider room size

Yes, size does matter. Don’t make the mistake of assuming it should fit any area you might have had in mind. More important than aesthetic value is optimal performance, and you’ll need to find an air purifier that can fit the space which best provides this.

Air Purifier Placement Tip 2: Listen out for noise

Noise levels – or lack thereof – is integral to your comfort. The noise produced by an air purifier can and will affect your ability to relax, so remember this when choosing yours. Incidentally, both the Atmosphere SKY and Mini Air Treatment Systems come with silent mode.

Air Purifier Placement Tip 3: Access to power outlets

Take note of how long your air purifier’s power cord is; both the Atmosphere SKY and Mini Air Treatment Systems come with a 2.8m power cord. Do ensure that your air purifier is conveniently located near a power outlet to avoid unsafe setups with power cords snaking everywhere. 

Air Purifier Placement Tip 4: In the bedroom

Try to place the air purifier 2-3 metres from the head of the bed. The last thing you want is air blowing directly at your face and keeping you awake.


Air Purifier Placement Tip 5: In the living room

Keep the air purifier away from other electronic devices and any areas with frequent movement. This enables it to effectively capture dust particles. Ideally, put it as close to the centre of the living room as possible.


Air Purifier Placement Tip 6: In the kitchen

To keep your kitchen smelling fresh, place the air purifier near the source of odours, e.g. near the stove. Always choose an air purifier with a good activated carbon filter.


Air Purifier Placement Tip 7: In your working space

Working from home? Make the air purifier your new colleague and have it sit somewhere where it won’t distract you, but can still keep your office air clean and healthy.


Air Purifier Placement Tip 8: In the basement

Worried about precious items in storage? Put your air purifier close to sources of mould (any areas that seem damp) and musty unpleasant odours to eliminate them effectively.


Air Purifier Placement Tip 9: In pet areas

If pet allergies are a concern, position the air purifier as close as possible to where your pets spend most of their time – think of all the places they like to take a nap. Avoid direct airflow towards your pets.

Air Purifier Placement Tip 10: Places to avoid

For safety and optimum air flow, avoid positioning the air purifier near walls, corners, behind or below furniture, in humid areas, or near heat sources and electronics.

In general, for best results, place the air purifier on a raised surface and close to pollution sources. Finally, remember that regular cleaning and maintenance is key for optimum performance.