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Year-end gift hamper ideas

When it comes to year-end gifting, a thoughtfully curated personalised hamper is hard to beat. Just the idea of someone taking the time to mull over various gifts that a loved one would treasure, rearrange them in a lovely basket, fill it with vibrant decorations and finish it off with an attractive bow will make anyone feel warm, loved and appreciated.

Best of all, you can customise your hamper to reflect their passions and interests, a nice way to show someone how well you truly know, care for and support them.

Brimming with gifting inspiration, here are some awesome health and beauty favourites that are sure to delight your loved ones, plus helpful suggestions for your gift cards.


Healthy Beauty Hamper

To my beautiful friend: True beauty starts with clear healthy skin and nourishing ingredients! Be sure to keep your skin moisturised with a good hydrating mask, add a serum with Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to your daily skincare routine and always use sufficient sunscreen with broad-spectrum UV protection. These lipsticks will add colour and hydration to your lips while the palette is just perfect for that light touch to accentuate your natural beauty – shine on!


Healthy Nourishment Hamper

To my go-getter brother/husband: Thank you for inspiring me every day with your energy and zest for life! Hope this muesli gets you to a fantastic start every morning or gives you a boost on lazy afternoons, and I’m sure you will love cooking with the white chia seed oil. Come evening, I can just imagine you reading your favourite books with a cup of tea (all 3 flavours are delicious). Oh and trust me, both the chips are super yummy and healthy so you can snack on the go minus the guilt. Enjoy!


Healthy Ageing Hamper

To my beloved parents: Words cannot express how much you both mean to me and how grateful I am for your health, your longevity and our time together. Do share the soy protein – with peptides and aloe vera to keep your joints feeling as young as your youthful souls – as well as the delectable royal jelly, fit for the king and queen of my heart. There’s also some lutein to keep your loving eyes healthy and bright, and tea for those sweet quiet moments together. Love you always!


Healthy Luxury Hamper

To my stunning sister/wife: What do you get the woman who has everything? A priceless experience, of course; here’s to professional aesthetic results in the comfort of your own home! This treatment is powered by potent plant-derived ingredients (because I know how much you love animals) and is clinically proven to resurface skin and boost skin cell renewal in just 4 weeks. And when you need results a little faster, I’ve included a little something to reset your skin in only half the time – voila!

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