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Diamond Teh Yin Yin & Eugene Ng

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Diamond Teh Yin Yin & Eugene Ng


Hard Work On Its Own Isn’t Enough


I’m the second generation in Amway and the youngest of 4 siblings. Instead of pampering me, my parents imparted life lessons to me from young. They showed me how to set and achieve goals, and taught me that earning a living was not easy.

I still remember the times they brought me to their workplace, yet continue to build their Amway business after that. They worked 14-16 hours a day to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. I’m grateful for their tough love, which shaped me into the person I am today.


Life wasn’t easy for Eugene. His dad passed away when he was 10. As the eldest of 3, he became the family’s sole breadwinner at the age of 13 when his mum was unable to work.

In secondary school, Eugene was the introvert-smart student who scored A’s in his examinations, while I was the complete opposite, a social-extrovert with more E’s than A’s. With such excellent SPM results, he could have continued his studies with a full scholarship. It seemed destined that our paths in life would diverge.

I joined the workforce thinking that if I worked hard like my parents, I could live the life I wanted. I soon realised that the choices we make are more important than hard work alone. My first salary was RM900, yet no matter how much more effort I put in, the pay remained the same. I resigned after 2 weeks and asked my mum about the Amway Business Opportunity.


Eugene wanted to further his studies, however, due to his family’s situation, he had no choice but to look for a job. Although his first job as a car salesperson offered a decent pay, 90% of his income was used to pay off debts and family expenses.

He was already an ABO at the time, but was not building the business. He changed his mind when he found out that I achieved Platinum at the age of 20 and received an annual Platinum bonus. He compared it to the job he has had for 2 years, from which he never received any bonus or recognition. That’s when he began to understand the values of Amway.

Together, we have been building our Amway business and achieving multiple pin levels in both our ABOships, from Platinum, Founders Platinum, Founders Sapphire, Emerald and finally Diamond.

“The choices we make are more important than hard work alone.”

Thanks to Amway, Eugene can finally afford to buy a new condominium and car for his mum, financially support his siblings’ education, and lift the financial burden of his family. We’ve also travelled around the world at a very young age, bought our dream cars as well as a new semidetached home.