Always Tired? You Need Vitamin B

Despite getting enough sleep, sometimes we still feel weak and lethargic.

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If this condition prolongs, it can affect not only our emotions, but also that of others around us, especially our loved ones. This is because feeling constantly low in energy can make us moody and angry.

One of the ways to address the issue is by increasing the intake of Vitamin B, B12, B Complex and B6 in our diet.

How does Vitamin B help?

Lethargy is often caused by insufficient Vitamin B in your body. Make sure to add food high in Vitamin B such as fish, red meat, broccoli, chicken liver, nuts, potatoes, eggs and dairy products in your diet. If you find it difficult to include these foods in your diet every single day, consider taking supplements to make up for it.

How do the different types of Vitamin Bs help with lethargy? Vitamin B is a source of energy for the body. It also helps to repair cells. Vitamin B12 helps in red blood cell production, avoid anemia, prevent osteoporosis, relieve depression symptoms and increase energy.

If you often feel lightheaded or if you’re someone approaching menopause, you can add Vitamin B Complex to your diet or take it as a supplement to minimise the symptoms.

Vitamin B6 helps prevent chapped lips, skin rashes as well as reduce fatigue.

In short, the different types of Vitamin B play very important roles in controlling emotions and energy levels as well as avoiding lethargy.

Who should be increasing their Vitamin B consumption?

Adults, especially working adults and those who are very active should ensure that they are taking adequate Vitamin B daily. This is to avoid lethargy as well as the emotional repercussions of constantly having low energy.

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What about children? They too need to be given foods that are high in Vitamin B considering that they are usually more active than adults.

How to ensure you’re getting enough Vitamin B?

If you do not consume enough Vitamin B from your daily diet, take an appropriate supplement to solve the problem.

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