Bored at Home? Brighten Your Child’s Day with These Fun Activities

Yay! Schools out! For children, school holidays bring a joy of their own as it is a welcome break where little ones enjoy a period of relaxed dinner times, happy sleep-ins, and lazy days in pajamas.

However, as most parents know, gradually the novelty of no-routine days wear off and the lack of social interaction with friends their age will cause boredom to set in.

But with the rising number of Covid-19 cases, it’s ill-advised to take your children out to theme parks, playgrounds, or even for a casual trip to the mall. So, how do you keep them occupied, happy, and, more importantly, out of your hair?

Well, here’s a list of 5 fun activities you can do as a family to keep your kids happily engaged and active while having a fun-tastic time together.

1. Baking and cupcake decorating

Bake with your kids.jpg

Keep your little sweethearts busy with these sweet treats and enjoy the silence the eventual sugar crash brings.

2. Planting a vegetable or herb plot in your garden or balcony.

Do gardening with your kids.jpg

Gardening not only teaches responsibility but also is also a great way to catch some Vitamin D since outings to parks is discouraged.

3. Organise an indoor obstacle course

Grab your pillows, cushions, chairs, and blankets to make the course interesting and get your little ones to burn off their active energy.

4. Car wash at home

Make this weekly chore a fun family event and your kids won’t even miss the swimming pool.

5. Family talent show

Organise family talent shows.jpg

Bring forth the performers in your family with a home talent show! Sing, dance, or play a magic trick to bring happy laughs.

But all these fun and games are only possible if your child is mentally and physically strong. Therefore, it’s important to give them a good nutrition boost by supplementing their meals with carefully chosen supplements which will improve overall health and stamina.

Get your kids to take their supplements.jpg

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