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Brave the Heat with a Bottle of True Water

Brave the Heat with a Bottle of True Water 1

Brave the Heat with a Bottle of True Water

While we’re adjusting to the New Normal, lazy days on the beach can seem like a distant dream from the past. However, that doesn’t mean we can neglect our sunblock and bottles of water!

Living in a tropical country can be a sweaty experience. Hot weather and humidity can make you dehydrate faster than living in a colder climate. What can dehydrate you even faster is when you’re sitting at your desk at home and working throughout the day without taking time to refill your glass or water bottle.

Walking to the kitchen to refill your glass or water bottle can seem tedious (especially when you’re rushing to meet deadlines), but rest assured, it brings great benefits to your body. So make sure you get up and move, and keep yourself hydrated with clear purified drinking water.

Always Safe, Always Clean

As residents of Malaysia, you have no doubt experienced your fair share of sudden water cuts and outages. Due to the condition of our local rivers and the contaminants in our water sources, it can be difficult to trust the water that comes out of your pipes. It can also be a hassle to rush out and stock up on bottled water, especially with SOP in place and crowds of people struggling to do the same.

Stay home and avoid crowds with the eSpring Water Treatment System. Its UV light and carbon filter block destroys up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and contaminants founds in water. It also gets rid of foul odours and tastes in the water, making it safe, clean and fresh for your everyday use.

Brave the Heat with a Bottle of True Water 2

Too bland? Add a little flavour!

Some people can’t quite bring themselves to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. For those of you needing a bit more motivation to stay hydrated, why not try adding a little flavour to the mix! Steer clear of sugar-packed sodas and energy drinks and opt for XS Energy Drinks. It’s sugar-free and bursting with flavour and vitamin B to fuel you up!

Brave the Heat with a Bottle of True Water 3

Alternatively, you can also make yourself a glass of Nutrilite’s PhytoPOWDER Beverage Crystals for a refreshing burst of flavourful hydration. Check out zesty flavours like Orange and Lemon or get a little tangy with Cherry! Check out some of the recipes concocted by our Amway Business Owners!

No matter how you do it, be sure to stay hydrated and stay safe! #BreakTheChain #StayAtHome #KitaJagaKita