Improving Your Immunity and 10 Other Benefits to Drinking Water

1. It can help to reduce cravings for sugar

Our brain confuses thirst for hunger so we often find ourselves snacking throughout the day when you could just be feeling thirsty. The next time you find yourself craving something to eat, try drinking a glass of water instead.

2. Protects your tissues and joints

Water is a component of the lubrication and cushioning that protects your joints and tissues. This makes physical activity more enjoyable and reduces wear and tear in your body.

3. Aids in your digestion

Water helps your body to break down the food you eat and dissolves the vitamins and minerals in the food. Water is also a crucial vehicle to deliver these vitamins to your cells.

4. Prevents constipation

Sufficient water is important to allow your body to maintain healthy bowel movements.

5. Boosts your brain function

Water makes up 75% of your brain, so it’s a no-brainer that consuming enough water helps you to maximize your memory, energy and attention.

6. Keeps your cardiovascular system running smoothly

Water is an important component of your blood, and not consuming enough of it can lead to low blood pressure which can leave you feeling dizzy and lightheaded.

7. Regulates your body temperature

Your body loses electrolytes and plasma when it's dehydrated which causes your body temperature to rise. Drinking water helps to keep your body cool.

8. Enhances physical performance

Drinking adequate water during physical activity is important and helps to maximize your strength and endurance.

9. Fights off disease

Consuming enough water helps to prevent certain diseases such as urinary tract infections, hypertension and kidney stones.

10. Improves energy

Drinking sufficient water may play an important role in activating your metabolism which has been linked to an increase in energy levels.

11. Boosts your mood

Consuming too little water leads to dehydration which can cause fatigue, anxiety and confusion.

To maximise these benefits, you need to drink clean water

Of course, all these great benefits are assuming that you are drinking clean water. Water that is filled with toxins and other unwanted substances may do more harm to your health than good. Therefore, it is essential to have a good water filter.

External water filter

The External Water Filter utilises five filter levels to effectively remove unwanted sediments and particles up to 10 microns in size. The five filters include: coarse, medium and fine sand, garnet and zeolite and the vessel itself is made of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) to ensure durability.

With the External Water Filter as a point of entry water filter, you’ll get clean clear water for all your household chores, be it showering, laundry, and more. You can also drink the water from the External Water Filter if it’s boiled first.

Additionally, safeguard your drinking water by taking it one step further with the eSpring Water Treatment System. Install the eSpring indoors and drink filtered water from a device that uses cutting edge technology and a UV lamp that destroys up to 99.99% of bacteria.