Building Blocks of Your Immune System – Part 2

Now that you know the benefits of boosting your immunity via skin and cell health, let’s take things further! A strong immune system doesn’t just show on the outside, but on the inside, too! Providing your body with well-rounded protection means staying healthy inside and out.

In our previous article, we addressed the importance of achieving immunity through your skin. In this article, we delve deeper into the importance of showing your gut a little bit of TLC.

Healthy Gut, Healthy Body

With all the delicious food in Malaysia, it can be difficult to always eat clean. In addition to this, the hustle and bustle of a hectic schedule can compromise the time you have to cook healthy meals throughout the week.

A healthy gut contributes to strong immunity.jpg

This is where gut health supplements like probiotics step in.

Did you know? 70% of your body’s immunity lies in the gut. Maintaining healthy gut microbiota and flora ensures better nutrient absorption and improve digestion.

Destress Your Gut

Your gut includes your stomach and intestines. Often, upset stomachs, stomach ulcers and general gut discomfort are all often associated with an imbalance diet or sudden bout of stress. In these times, it’s understandable that your gut might not be in the best of conditions. It’s high time you spend some time loving yourself from the inside out!

As stress compromises digestive health, it’s always a good idea to give your body a helping hand to keep things working smoothly. Probiotics help balance the good and bad bacteria ratio in your gut to prevent digestion issues and promotes the production of natural antibodies in your immune system.

Probiotics is the way to go because the food you eat may not be enough! When you supplement your gut with probiotic, this helps enrich the gut microbial ecosystem and leaves no space for bad bacteria to grow!

Foster good bacteria in your gut.jpg

The good bacteria in your gut can:

  • Break down food the body can’t digest
  • Produce important nutrients
  • Regulate the immune system
  • Protect against harmful germs

While we can’t control all the factors that go into maintaining a healthy gut microbiome (a community of bacteria), we can manipulate the balance of our microbes by consuming probiotics.

Sick Superhero

Coming out of a bout of the flu (these are strange yet scary pandemic times!) can really take a toll on your body. Sometimes, the recovery feels more intense than the sickness! There is a reason why doctors insist you finish your round of antibiotics, but what’s even more important is the follow-through with probiotics.

Probiotics help balance the good and bad bacteria in your gut.jpg

Antibiotics don’t just kill of the harmful bacteria in your gut, but the goods ones too. As such, bolstering your gastric functions with probiotics after finishing your antibiotics will put you on the mend that much faster. That’s where the Nutrilite Mixed Probiotic With Chicory Root Extract comes in!

These are just some of the ways that improving your gut health can improve your overall health!

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